We build more than great software. We know how to get the most out of an IoT implementation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver measurable value when successfully executed as an end-to-end strategy. Increased visibility, operational efficiency and the ability to create new revenue streams is the promise of IoT. Operators managing large networks of connected devices like self-service kiosks and vending machines can get the most out of an IoT implementation. We have a deep understanding and experience in IoT, knowledge of device management and Canopy a proven, cloud-based IoT platform. We provide the data, security and integration capabilities you need to monitor, manage and monetize your network of kiosks, vending machines and other self-service devices.

FREE Canopy IoT White Paper


FREE IoT White Paper

Thinking about the Internet of Things?

Thinking about the Internet of Things?


Let us help you rationalize your concepts and ideas for the Internet of Things and evaluate what’s worth doing and what will help improve your business. Then when you’re ready, we’ll build the prototypes, test, implement and deploy them with speed and precision. We’re going to bring you the best IoT experience for your business and customers.

We help you work through the complexities of IoT with solutions that improve operations, decrease response time and increase visibility. Customers rely on Banyan to help them innovate, remain relevant and gain a competitive edge as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Ready to transform with the Internet of Things?

Ready to transform with the Internet of Things?


Canopy is an Internet of Things platform that allows you to operate a network of connected devices. We go beyond basic device management and leverage the power of IoT with a platform approach. It starts with software at the endpoint, secure communications and connectivity, a cloud-based solution to manage essential business services and a central management portal. Operators gain new levels of visibility into key metrics to help streamline their operations and can tap into new revenue streams as well as integrate with best in class business tools.

Our expertise in design, development, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software in the field of unattended kiosks and machines, means you can do more and worry less. With Canopy, it’s one time and real-time. Log in one time, and get all the real-time information you need to run your business at its best.


Work with our agile development experts

We collaborate with your teams and help you define and execute a strategy to achieve speed to market in an evolving IT environment.

Gain valuable business insights

We assess your data needs, evaluate the technology and tool sets that will help you manage, monitor and get the most out of your data.

Get the most out of your application portfolio

We help identify and streamline your portfolio of business services and take you from analysis, to conversion and implementation with ease.

Get back on track or accelerate development

We advise and support your software strategies throughout any stage in the process.

Create secure and fluid workplaces

Our proven methodology helps you identify and evaluate your current IT landscape and optimize your environment to suit the needs of a changing workforce.

Get your business operating most efficiently

There are many technologies to consider, and we provide insights enabling you to choose the right technology with confidence.


Trusted Partner

Teaming up to help you innovate, remain relevant and gain a competitive edge as technology continues to evolve.

Powerful & Scalable

Using scalability and automation to connect large networks of devices, drive greater visibility and operational efficiency.

Speed & Precision

Combining decades of knowledge removing obstacles, solving problems and using agile development to enable speed to market.


  • Franchise Entertainment Group (FEG)
    FEG has been a customer of ours since the very beginning, and we are proud to be an ongoing part of their business model innovation. Transforming their brick and mortar business to a kiosk-based DVD rental solution has been a rewarding journey that's led to a strategic relationship. We set up a DVD rental kiosk solution for deployment within Australia and customized the solution for their market, integrated new EMV-compliant hardware and gateway for payments, set up the supporting infrastructure, and trained the FEG team on how to run a kiosk-based solution. Today our IoT platform Canopy™, is the backbone of their business enabling FEG to monitor, manage and operate their entire network of rental kiosks.
  • Digital Golf Technologies
    We are empowering Digital Golf Technologies (DGT) with an Internet of Things platform to manage, monitor and monetize a network of digital hole-in-one kiosks. DGT is the first fully automated hole in one contest for everyday play. With Canopy IoT Platform, DGT is able to see improved operations and offer golf courses a scalable solution for retaining memberships while making golf more exciting for golfers by offering prizes and memories for amazing golf shots.
  • GameChanger
    GameChanger offers an exciting new alternative for gamers to sell and buy pre-owned video games. We provided a technology assessment to help improve, deploy and manage their self-service kiosks. Delivering an exceptional customer experience was a top priority, and having a mobile app that includes digital receipts, loyalty rewards, price comparisons and location services is the perfect solution. Our IoT consulting services are helping to ensure GameChanger takes a platform approach to gain real-time visibility into their entire fleet of self-service kiosks. 


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Basics of IoT 3-Part Series: Part 1 Data Analytics

Today, it seems like we’re reading about more advanced and intelligent kiosk implementations across every industry. Whether it is in healthcare with the medication disposal kiosks, Walgreens introduced last fall in 14 locations across Indiana, or it’s the new self-service devices at McDonald’s for automating ordering. Even sporting and entertainment venues are getting in

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Meet Stefan UX/UI Designer

(Photo: Stefan lends a hand at the Lanier Community Garden Project) When you meet Stefan, you immediately get a jolt of energy. He always has a smile and brings a positive attitude to work every day. Stefan is a designer at Banyan Hills Technologies. He’s creativity is endless, and he’s always willing to learn