“Banyan Hills Technologies will be recognized as the dominant leader in driving technology automation to the market, leveraging proprietary technologies and services that makeup the rapidly expanding Internet of Things industry.”

-Steve Latham, Founder & CEO, Banyan Hills Technologies

|The Banyan Way

At Banyan we are obsessed with the impact that exceptionally designed technology can have when implemented correctly. We are not intimidated by what most consider to be too complex, in fact we crave the opportunity to participate in the most challenging of problems.

Our team is composed of individuals that understand that strong relationships with each other, our families, and our customers serve as the foundation for sustained success. Integrity shapes all of our decision making, establishing the strongest level of trust between each other and all those that we interact with.

We love everything about business, and focus on hiring talent that possesses the desire, endurance, and capability to thrive through the ups and downs of being entrepreneurial. We appreciate that technology is only truly exceptional when it demonstrates the ability to effectively enable the business.

Every employee at Banyan possesses an unquenchable thirst for continued learning, resulting in a humble but unparalleled drive to become stronger and smarter. Our ability to consistently deliver measurable results is seen as extraordinary by our customers, and to us simply an expected outcome to a commitment that we’ve made.

We place importance on taking the necessary time to pause and celebrate our journey together, maintaining a young spirit that values fun in the workplace and thoughtful recognition of our accomplishments.

We are disciplined financially, and invest the results of our successes back into Banyan and in the communities in which we operate. We’re focused on continuously strengthening our infrastructure and in parallel giving life to new products and affiliated businesses that are aimed at creating new value in the market.

|Core Values


We will always be honest, and accountable to the people we work with and the customers we serve.

Socially Responsible

We want to make the world a better place.

Change Agents

We’re not intimidated by change, we embrace it.


We will always be honest, and accountable to the people we work with and the customers we serve.


We will always be truthful and respectful; we do the right thing even when it is the harder choice to make.

High Standards

We never settle for good enough, and we always do our best and go above and beyond.

Team Values

The best part of Banyan is collaborating with really smart and talented people, and when we work together, we bring out the best in each other.

Having Fun

All work and no play make for a very boring life, so we make sure we infuse fun, imagination and creativity whenever possible.