Monthly Archives: April 2018

IoT Gives Owners & Operators in Self-Storage More Control

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Owners and operators of self-storage facilities are always looking for ways to better understand customer needs and drivers, while trying to improve operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Inspiring Students on a Path Towards Entrepreneurship

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Many influencers are dubbing 2018 as the “Year of the entrepreneur.” Patents are on the rise, investors are financing more companies and innovations such as IoT and AI are bringing about new ideas and inventions.

Building a foundation for security in an IoT Implementation

| By Steve Latham

An effective security strategy is delivered through ongoing management of tools and processes to help prevent system exposure to evolving threats. It’s a commitment that requires recurring investment in resources, time, education, and solutions.

How Successful Businesses Use Kiosks

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Experiencing long lines is often a sign of growth. Whether you’re running a theme park during peak seasons or operating a stadium hosting a championship game you may be thrilled to see a packed venue.