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The Evolution of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and How It Will Affect Your Self-Storage Business

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

If there’s one thing that’s universally true, it’s that agile businesses flourish with changing times. This is certainly applicable to the self-storage industry, as any site owner or operator will tell you that renters aren’t interested in leaving their valuable property in the hands of anyone who doesn’t have the latest safety and security technologies in place.

4 Signs that Payments and the Internet of Things are Merging Lanes

| By Steve Pollak

The Internet of Things is not a radically new concept. In fact, one example we can point to hits home with Banyan, given our history with kiosk and vending.

6 Use Cases of Unattended Payment Solutions That Can Help You Grow Your Business

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

In today’s purchasing environment, business strategies need to be more customer-centric to successfully capture consumer demand and capitalize on spending habits.