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How The IoT Can Help Cities Affected By Natural Disasters

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Most of the time, we think about the Internet of Things as a value-added technology with obvious (and sometimes not-so-obvious) business applications. But IoT’s potential is far-reaching, and not unlike firefighters and FEMA, it offers the ability to help cities prepare for and better respond to natural disasters.

Top 5 Use Cases for the IoT

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Some technologies are inevitable, even if what we eventually take for granted looks a bit different than the way it was originally conceived.

Case Study: Banyan Hills Technologies Helps Swing King Scale Up

| By Steve Pollak

It’s a hot summer day in north Georgia and two employees of Swing King are digging a hole at a golf course overlooking Lake Lanier. Unlike the other holes on the course, this one will not be located on the putting green.