Monthly Archives: July 2019

How IoT is Helping to Grow Agriculture

| By Steve Pollak

Like many other industries, agriculture has been adopting technology for a long time – there’s even an industry term for it: AgriTech.

Why The Insurance Industry Is Embracing IoT Technology

| By Steve Pollak

It’s not especially surprising that the insurance industry is embracing the Internet of Things. Read our latest insights piece to learn why.

Machine Learning: Why Your Enterprise Should Care

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

Machine learning is having a heyday right now, acting as a fundamental part of many products and services that define 21st century life ranging from the audacious to the mundane.

How IoT Will Enable the Smart Cities of the Future

| By Steve Pollak

IoT technology can improve the quality of life of citizens, save public money, and help governments do more with fewer resources.