Banyan's Innovation Journey

Starting your own business requires investing all of your time, energy, and passion. For founder and CEO Steve Latham, it all began in 2013 with an idea that eventually would become Canopy.


Founded The Company on the Vision For Canopy

Had a vision to build a central management platform that was agnostic to all devices.


Built a Professional Services Business

Provide services to the market to grow the business and IoT consulting practice.


Ramped up Buildout of Canopy Vision

IoT became mainstream at the same time development on the Canopy roadmap was underway.


Focused on Business Infrastructure Buildout

Laying the foundation for the company to scale.

Canopy customization, implementation, installation, design and support.

Canopy released to the market


Scaling Up

Revenue grows 95 percent year over year.

Product revenue begins contributing to growth of the business.


The journey continues!

Canopy is now used by customers to manage devices throughout North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, India and Africa. We manage over 1mm connected devices today.