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Merchants Under Pressure to Adapt, Evolve and Innovate

| By Steve Pollak

Here’s a look at how merchants have adapted to changing consumer expectations during the coronavirus pandemic and what’s needed to succeed in this new environment.

How IoT and Other Emerging Technologies Will Affect Financial Services

| By Steve Pollak

How will IoT and other emerging technologies change the financial services industry? Here are some of the most interesting use cases.

5 Ways Businesses Can Protect Their Payment Infrastructure

| By Steve Pollak

Being only PCI compliant is not enough. Businesses need to take additional security measures to protect sensitive cardholder data and their payment technology investments.

4 Signs that Payments and the Internet of Things are Merging Lanes

| By Steve Pollak

The Internet of Things is not a radically new concept. In fact, one example we can point to hits home with Banyan, given our history with kiosk and vending.

6 Use Cases of Unattended Payment Solutions That Can Help You Grow Your Business

| By Banyan Hills Technologies

In today’s purchasing environment, business strategies need to be more customer-centric to successfully capture consumer demand and capitalize on spending habits.

The ABC’s of PCI and EMV compliance. What do small businesses need to know?

| By Webb Morris

There are some very basic steps you can take towards making your payment processing solution compliant with PCI and EMV. Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliance are concerns of any payment processing solution today. $20,752 is the average cost to a small business due to hacking, up from $8,600 in […]