Connected Kitchens Made Less Complex

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Critical hospitality functions run more smoothly with remote monitoring and management

Connected kitchens use technology to enhance and automate various functions within a kitchen, allowing for greater control, convenience, and efficiency.

From the customer-facing operations in the front to kitchen appliances and back-office equipment, the Canopy remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution helps keep things cookin' thanks to its ability to remotely monitor, manage and analyze devices across your entire restaurant landscape.

And, thanks to automation and remote operations capabilities, Canopy can help your food service business decrease truck rolls and reduce the need for on-premise maintenance.

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Explore the benefits of using RMM software to manage your connected kitchen

Decrease On-Premise Repair Visits

Reduce the need for on-site repair visits by using Canopy’s automation suite and remote operations capabilities.

Improved Kitchen Experience

Chefs and restaurant operators can spend more time cooking and enjoying their kitchens with peace of mind that their appliances and systems are operating efficiently.

Powerful Dashboards

Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your commercial kitchen through a single pane of glass.

Save on Energy and Water

By optimizing performance and decreasing waste, Canopy can help reduce energy and water costs.

Real-time Notifications

Our remote monitoring and management platform, Canopy, can be configured to send email and text notification alerts.

Automated Remote Actions

Canopy allows you to design your own custom automated workflows to trouble shoot outages and remotely operate devices.

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Connect and Take Action

Canopy helps commercial kitchen service providers navigate the complex technology landscape through a single software platform that can connect to any equipment and provide real-time device visibility so your business can remotely trouble shoot issues before sending a field technician to the customer site.

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Stay up-to-date on RMM software

Growth in Unattended Retail Industry Boosted by Remote Monitoring and Management Capabilities

Unattended retail is poised to continue a hot streak of growth – and RMM software is providing the glue and grease for its successful expansion.

An IT professional using the Canopy RMM tool to assess cameras and other AV equipment.
Why Not All RMM Tools Are Built Alike

Some RMM tools do provide comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities but several others are limited in their scope or may not be as reliable as others.

Video screengrab for How To Filter a List of Devices in Canopy
How To Filter a List of Devices in Canopy

In this video, we’re going to talk about Devices and how to filter a list of devices in Canopy.