Gear Up for Cloud-Based Security Software

PTI Security Systems (PTI) and Banyan Hills Technologies (Banyan) have teamed up to bring an end-to-end IoT platform to the self-storage industry. PTI’s incredible reach expands the potiential Canopy installation base to over 35,000 locations. PTI CORETM powered by Canopy enables the centralization of all property access control and security system data through a single cloud management solutions. Advanced cloud-based integration capabilities, allows data to be easily shared across other systems within an operator’s environment.

Franchise Entertainment Group

FEG has been a customer of ours since the very beginning, and we are proud to be an ongoing part of their business model innovation. Transforming their brick and mortar business to a kiosk-based DVD rental solution has been a rewarding journey that's led to a strategic relationship. We set up a DVD rental kiosk solution for deployment within Australia and customized the solution for their market, integrated new EMV-compliant hardware and gateway for payments, set up the supporting infrastructure, and trained the FEG team on how to run a kiosk-based solution. Today our IoT platform Canopy™, is the backbone of their business enabling FEG to monitor, manage and operate their entire network of rental kiosks.  

Case Study

Digital Golf

Banyan Hills Technologies (Banyan) is empowering Digital Golf Technologies (DGT) with an Internet of Things platform to manage, monitor and monetize a network of digital hole-in-one kiosks. DGT is the first fully automated hole in one contest for everyday play. With CanopyTM IoT Platform, DGT is able to see improved operations and offer golf courses a scalable solution for retaining memberships while making golf more exciting for golfers by offering prizes and memories for amazing golf shots. 

Case Study

Perpetual Media Network

When Perpetual Media Network (Perpetual Media) needed a partner to help manage their digital signage solution and empower their customers with the most innovative technology, they chose Banyan. Banyan has provided Perpetual Media with an end-to-end digital signage solution complete with custom software, and Canopy. Our Internet of Things and software consulting experts worked closely with Perpetual Media to enable a powerful advertising technology platform that delivers rich ads in Casinos, Convenience Stores and Specialty Retail stores across the US. 


Banyan Hills Technologies is helping GameChanger improve, deploy and manage a fleet of kiosks to buy pre-owned video games. The Canopy IoT platform gives GameChanger real-time visibility into the health of their kiosks and transactions data. GameChanger monitors key metrics and uses the reporting capabilities in Canopy to improve their operations.


Sani-star's vision is to provide parks and campgrounds an easy, secure, and efficient way to accommodate walk-up reservations. A fit for purpose, an outdoor kiosk was the perfect solution. They chose Banyan to build the kiosk, design the software, and use our IoT device management solution, Canopy, to manage and monitor the kiosks and iPads.  


The majority of Mexican households (92 percent) that have a DVD player and enjoy renting movies are dissatisfied with making special trips to a conventional video store. Rental kiosks are the perfect solution making it easy and convenient for customers to rent movies from a kiosk at locations like Wal-mart, 7-Eleven and other retail locations throughout Mexico. The technology supports the primary payment methods in Mexico, credit cards and debit cards. Cashless transactions in this region are challenging, and one that we’re excited to be innovating within. Working with the Vidbox team has been a great partnership. This project plays to our strength in enabling the technology to operate a large fleet of kiosks for an operator. Squarely in our space, it’s where we grew up.