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Customization and Automation of Remote Device Management Stirs New Trends, Benefits

Customization and Automation of Remote Device Management

Companies are finding an additional benefit from remote device management and monitoring software – the ability to customize solutions to fit even the most specific applications.

May 9, 2022 - Industries have become increasingly reliant on remote device management and monitoring to manage a vast array of mission critical devices and avoid expensive and time-consuming technician calls.

From security and surveillance, to connected kitchens, POS systems and modern medical clinics, remote monitoring and management platforms are indispensable tools to not only trouble shoot across devices, but grow and scale business to handle more device load.

Now companies are finding an additional benefit from remote device management and monitoring software – the ability to customize solutions to fit even the most specific applications.

The proliferation of remote device management and monitoring, especially during the pandemic when touch-free capability became paramount, has made companies more confident and at ease with adopting and deploying remote device management software.

The numbers tell the story of a continued climb in demand. By next year alone the North American mobile device management market will reach an estimated $3.23B.

The next wave of innovation will be leveraging AI and ML to further the benefits, notes Banyan Hills Technologies CEO Steve Latham. AI is only as good as the information it receives, and it gets its information from connecting devices. The more connections created between devices and the more uses within those connections, the more AI collects information that can be used to anticipate needs, for example.

Looking at connected kitchens, remote device management and monitoring can drive uptime and aid in real-time trouble shooting. If ML and AI are leveraged, devices could learn to influence what new hardware might be needed or predict device or system failures or issues.

Customization Offers Solution Buffet

Revel Systems, a global point of sale company, approached Banyan Hills Technologies for a scalable solution for their restaurant support needs. The company, which has more than 20,000 customers, engaged Banyan Hills Technologies to build a Mobile Device Management, or MDM, module to be used inside Banyan’s Canopy platform. The Canopy platform with the MDM module could, in turn, be used to monitor and manage all of the devices operating within an organization. In the case of Revel’s restaurant customers, this software would be used to remotely monitor, manage and update Revel’s point-of-sale systems.

With the MDM software solution, restaurant managers were able to instantly check on the health of their printers, point-of-sale terminals and kitchen displays, all before the dinner rush. Revel Systems could then avoid the expense and hassle of sending a technician out when systems failed, or software breakdowns occurred.

A leap forward for the Canopy platform has been the platform’s ability to offer greater customization options to customers. Customers can build their own information and user experience and customize the use of available information to create and manage solutions unique to their business.

A private equity firm that owns an industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturer engaged Banyan Hills Technologies to build software that could be used for remote monitoring and management.

An onsite manager working at an industrial refrigeration site reported that as soon as he was able to access to the software system, he noticed the Safety KPI indicated that two of his ammonia detectors were disabled. The manager called the facility and found that someone had disabled the ammonia detectors a few days earlier while performing maintenance and forgot to reenable them. This was a potentially lifesaving catch, preventing an ammonia leak.

A System for All Systems

Canopy’s open API software makes it easy to integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of systems across diverse industries.

Heightened need for security and surveillance technology and facilities management, from key card access to property monitoring, has forced building and property owners to look for custom and automated solutions.

Canopy can be connected to any security system, so customers can guide the use and customize the platform for security needs that may be specific to each property.

What’s exciting now is to see where customers will take the platform next, knowing that Canopy can used to custom design a nearly limitless array of monitoring and management services, Latham says.

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