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Get a Pulse on All Your Digital Signage with Banyan's IoT Platform - Canopy

Canopy is an enterprise Internet of Things solution that gives you the control and insights to manage your entire digital signage implementation. Get real-time data on the health of your digital signs, see metrics and performance of your ad content, and manage all your customers and locations from Canopy's centralized web portal. With Canopy, it's easy to configure KPIs and create a custom dashboard to fit your needs.

Go Beyond Basic Digital Signage Management and Get a Back Office for IoT

Leaf IoT software platform

Software at the Endpoint

Failing parts likely show signs before they break. Canopy's versatile software agent (Leaf) allows central monitoring of your entire network of digital signs.

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Predictive Analytics

Tracking data can anticipate a breakdown before it occurs.

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Automated Dispatch

Set configurable triggers for alerts about common failures for field service support

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Real-time Notification

Set alerts and get real-time notifications. Being aware of problems early can make all the difference.

Introducing Campaign Management

Delivering content to hundreds and even thousands of digital signs just got easier. Turn on campaign management to load up and schedule all your content. In just a few clicks, you can build a playlist and cue up ads right from Canopy. The campaign management module makes Canopy a complete solution for digital signage management. When combined with the other modules for managing devices, locations, customers and reporting, you can run your entire digital signage operations in one place. Using digital toppers to deliver ads? Learn how Canopy can help manage your kiosks as well.

Taking the Complexity out of Managing Digital Signage

Canopy enables a seamless experience for managing fleets of digital signage. Canopy takes an agnostic approach giving owners and operators a back office for IoT that is highly configurable and easy to implement. With Canopy, it is easy to automate digital content across a network of screens, enhance operations and improve the customer experience with always-on, always available device management. It's real-time, one-time device management. How easy is that?

Lighting up a Digital Signage Strategy

When Perpetual Media Network (Perpetual Media) needed a partner to help manage their digital signage solution and empower their customers with the most innovative technology, they chose Banyan. Banyan has provided Perpetual Media with an end-to-end digital signage solution complete with custom software, and Canopy. Our Internet of Things and software consulting experts worked closely with Perpetual Media to enable a powerful advertising technology platform that delivers rich ads in Casinos, Convenience Stores and Specialty Retail stores across the US.

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