Keep EV Charging Stations Up and Running Smoothly

Leverage Canopy's remote device operations to handle routine L1 service problems.

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Software to minimize downtime and improve technician site visits

Canopy's enhanced device data reporting and visibility allows you to know an issue exists before your customer calls and it makes sure you understand what parts or accessories malfunctioned. As a result, your field team can improve the odds of fixing issues on the first truck roll.

Plus, our open API architecture allows Canopy to seamlessly integrate into your current tech stack (ticketing software, EV charging software, etc.), which means you can use our software without any change management for your NOC team.

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Canopy can help maximize the uptime of your EV charging stations

Automation and Remote Actions

Canopy's automation module can run routines that can help reduce the number of L1 service calls to your help desk.

Downtime Prevention

Reduce the number truck rolls and repair visits. If a site visit is required, maximize first-time resolutions.

Device State Management

Increase device uptime through automated state management of your software and your charging station hardware.

It's More Than Software

Canopy earns its keep by watching out for and helping to fix problems

Canopy's configuration automation enables EV charging stations to maintain their ability to generate revenue for the businesses they serve. The software's remote device operations can maximize the availability of all charging stations through maintenance automation routines.

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Is Remote Device Monitoring and Management Changing Operational Capabilities for Good?

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