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With Canopy’s robust Linux agent and integration-driven architecture, we augment Ansible, Chef and Puppet capabilities by providing:

  • Automation with branch logic capabilities (if, then, etc.)
  • An award-winning GUI front-end experience
  • User and roles management with hierarchy capabilities

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What is Canopy?

Software to make sure your digital landscape is always up and running

CanopyTM is a remote device operations software platform that helps system administrators simplify and automate the technology infrastructure that sits between their unattended device networks and their mission critical business applications.

Learn How Canopy Works

Canopy screenshot

Easy Automation Setup

Canopy automation

Simple and easy-to-understand automation - no coding required

Canopy has a simple drag-and-drop interface for setting up automation routines to run on your devices. Use Canopy's automation engine to build dynamic automations incorporating any data, event or action exposed within Canopy.

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Flexible User Management

Canopy user roles

Customize roles and privileges for different users

Set up and manage user credentials that can restrict access at any level within the organization.

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A Few Of Our Customers

We're honored to work with some really great companies

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