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Canopy offers healthcare providers an enterprise-ready solution for better patient care.

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Flexible software that helps medtech companies grow

By taking a device agnostic approach that is highly configurable, Canopy provides medical providers and technology companies with a single pane of glass for all device and connectivity management.

Canopy enables healthcare back office teams to proactively manage their devices and ensure their uptime so patient care is never interrupted.

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Explore the benefits of using software to manage your healthcare devices

Personalized Dashboards

Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your healthcare operations through a single pane of glass.

Software At The Endpoint

Secure device instrumentation through an extensible software agent (Leaf) that runs on any base operating system or device hardware platform.

Real-time Notifications

Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts based upon any type of criteria set up by the user.


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Nathan Rowe
Customer Success Director Points to Top Benefits of Canopy Platform

Banyan Hills Technologies’ director of customer success, Nathan Rowe, has had a front row seat for several years in viewing how businesses are taking advantage of advances in remote device management.

Woman at EV Charging Station
Failures at EV Charging Stations Point to Need for Remote Management

Malfunctions and downtime at EV charging stations have become a check-engine light for companies and customers investing in this burgeoning industry.

Eric Hoersten
Chief Product Officer Forecasts Rapid Expansion of Remote Device Management, Connectivity for Multiple Industries

Eric Hoersten is helping to extend the Canopy platform as an increasing number of businesses and industries turn to remote monitoring and management of devices to grow and scale.

What We Offer

When it comes to the Internet of Things, Banyan makes it happen. We bridge the gap between business and technology by working as a trusted partner to companies operating large networks of unattended devices. We combine our deep consulting expertise with a proven software platform to deliver the promise of IoT along with measurable business value.

We utilize a four-step approach:

  • Initiate. We work with your team to establish goals, outline strategy, create milestones and delineate project scope.
  • Analyze & Design. We begin developing a prototype product by configuring device integrations, data flows, KPI attributes, remote actions and reporting.
  • Implementation. We work with your team and any other stakeholders to input configuration settings, validate data, confirm results and ensure that the product provides value to your business.
  • Launch. We work alongside your team to develop a plan for rolling out the product across your fleet.

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