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Our remote monitoring and management platform, Canopy, offers healthcare providers an enterprise-ready solution for better patient care.

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Flexible software that helps medtech companies grow

Canopy is a remote monitoring and managment software solution that allows healthcare providers to monitor and manage a wide range of devices and systems remotely, such as medical equipment, servers, workstations, and even mobile devices.

By using RMM software, healthcare providers can gain access to real-time data on the performance of these systems and devices, making it easier to identify potential problems and quickly address them.

By taking a device agnostic approach that is highly configurable, Canopy provides med tech companies with a single pane of glass for all device and connectivity management. In fact, Canopy was specifically built to manage complex fleets of mixed devices and non-traditional hardware.

For healthcare back office teams, Canopy enables proactive management of devices and it helps ensure their uptime so patient care is never interrupted.

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Common Pain Points

Healthcare is a unique and constantly-evolving industry. Out-of-the-box RMM tools aren’t enough

Time-Consuming Manual Tasks

Healthcare IT administrators spend a lot of time performing routine tasks, such as patching, updating and monitoring software and hardware systems. Canopy can automate these tasks, freeing up IT staff to focus on higher-level projects and reducing the risk of human error.

Security Concerns

Healthcare organizations handle sensitive patient data and IT administrators must ensure that all systems are secure and up-to-date to prevent data breaches. RMM software can help monitor systems for potential vulnerabilities and ensure that patches and updates are applied promptly.

Device and Software Management

Healthcare organizations use a variety of devices and software, which can be difficult to manage and monitor. Canopy can provide a central dashboard to manage all devices, applications, and software, simplifying the management process.

Lack of Remote Access

Healthcare IT administrators may need to access systems remotely, especially in the age of telehealth. RMM software can provide secure remote access to systems, allowing administrators to troubleshoot issues and perform tasks from anywhere.

Compliance Requirements

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and IT administrators must ensure that their systems comply with various regulations, such as HIPAA. RMM software can help ensure that systems are in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.



Explore the benefits of using software to manage your healthcare devices

Improved Patient Care

Canopy allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor connected devices used in healthcare operations. This can help ensures that patients receive timely and appropriate care, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.

Improved Compliance

Healthcare providers are subject to a number of regulatory requirements, and our RMM software can help to ensure compliance by monitoring systems and devices for compliance issues.

Cost Savings

Canopy can help healthcare providers to reduce costs by identifying potential issues before they become more expensive problems. This can lead to reduced maintenance and repair costs, as well as improved overall system performance.

Consolidated Dashboards

Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your healthcare operations through a single pane of glass.

Software At The Endpoint

Secure device instrumentation through an extensible software agent (Leaf) that runs on any base operating system or device hardware platform.

Real-time Notifications

Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts based upon any type of criteria set up by the user.

Case Study

Case Study: IPA Reduces Site Visits With Remote Device Management

Learn why our client chose Canopy to enable remote monitoring and automation.

IPA wanted enterprise-level visibility to all endpoints and the ability to deploy software and firmware patches on machines remotely without requiring an onsite visit by a technician.

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An IT professional using the Canopy RMM tool to assess cameras and other AV equipment.
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Video screengrab for How To Filter a List of Devices in Canopy
How To Filter a List of Devices in Canopy

In this video, we’re going to talk about Devices and how to filter a list of devices in Canopy.

What We Offer

When it comes to remote monitoring and management, we make it happen. Thanks to Canopy's incredible versatility, we bridge the gap between business and technology by working as a trusted partner to companies operating large networks of unattended devices. We combine our deep consulting expertise with a proven software platform to deliver the promise of RMM tools along with measurable business value.

We utilize a five-step approach:

  • Initiate and Discovery. We work with your team to establish goals, outline strategy, create milestones and delineate project scope.
  • Analyze & Design. We begin developing a prototype product by configuring device integrations, data flows, KPI attributes, remote actions and reporting.
  • Implementation. We work with your team and any other stakeholders to input configuration settings, validate data, confirm results and ensure that the product provides value to your business.
  • Launch. We work alongside your team to develop a plan for rolling out the Canopy product across your fleet of devices.
  • Support. We'll continue to support you after launch by answering questions, updating the software and constantly pushing out improvements.

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