Case Study: Canopy Brings Automation to Industrial Refrigeration

Our client chose Canopy to enable remote monitoring and automation at the enterprise

Managed Services


Our client is a leading manufacturer in the industrial refrigeration space, with several Fortune 500 food services companies as customers.

Our client designs, manufactures, builds and services several different models of cold-storage equipment and controls from single compressors to entire refrigerated warehouse facilities.

Managed Services


Before Canopy, our client faced two significant challenges:

  • Large refrigeration equipment is highly sensitive and can be complex to manage for multi-site operators. Our client wanted to make remote monitoring at the enterprise level easier for operators.
  • Our client did not have enterprise-level visibility into how an entire fleet of cold-storage devices was performing. This meant that all monitoring, alerting and reporting was handled at local site levels.
Through our software, the client unlocked the ability to monitor equipment and run automations.


Our client deployed Canopy to gain visibility into their entire fleet of industrial refrigeration equipment.

Canopy screenshot

Our client installed Canopy, Banyan’s industry-leading remote device management software, on all their refrigeration hardware, connecting their devices to the cloud and enabling simplified asset management with robust data analytics.

Through our software, our client unlocked the ability to 1) monitor their entire fleet in a single place, 2) send alerts when the software detected issues, and 3) capture and report machine-level operating data (KPIs) back up to the enterprise.


Canopy has run more than 3,000 automations and generated more than 10,000 alerts.

Canopy helped simplify the centralized management of these devices by offering a single pane of glass so multi-site operators can see the real-time status of their fleet all on a single dashboard.

Canopy has run more than 3,000 automations for routine tasks such as monitoring when systems go offline, generating alarms and initiating remote recovery follow-up routines.

Canopy has generated more than 10,000 alerts, enabling operators to react to issues across multiple locations without having to be onsite, thereby preventing product loss and improving safety.

Canopy enabled our client to leverage data that was previously going unused. Today, Canopy collects and processes more than 80,000 data points each day, which can then be used by customers to visualize and optimize their business operations.