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IoT for Healthcare: A Huge Opportunity

Healthcare providers need ammunition to deliver better care at lower costs - and it's no surprise that an array of connected devices - the Health Internet of Things, if you will - is leading that charge.

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6 Tips for Delivering Engaging Content In Digital Signage

Understanding the best way to use digital signs to engage with customers, clients, or other audiences can seem like a challenging task. But it’s more straightforward than it first seems.

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Why Restaurants Are Finding Self-Serve Kiosks Attractive

There’s a rebirth of high-end dining in many major cities, and seemingly every urban area has an abundance of choices including fast food, table service, home delivery services, and even meal kit businesses (liked Blue Apron and Dinnerly) to contend with. The bottom line: Every restaurant needs some sort of edge to poise themselves for success.

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How IoT Can Enhance the Customer Experience

First, let’s focus on why the customer experience is so important. Companies such as Amazon, Zappos, Apple, Uber and the Dollar Shave Club have made it a central part of their brand.

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The Evolution of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and How It Will Affect Your Self-Storage Business

If there’s one thing that’s universally true, it’s that agile businesses flourish with changing times. This is certainly applicable to the self-storage industry, as any site owner or operator will tell you that renters aren’t interested in leaving their valuable property in the hands of anyone who doesn’t have the latest safety and security technologies in place.

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4 Signs that Payments and the Internet of Things are Merging Lanes

The Internet of Things is not a radically new concept. In fact, one example we can point to hits home with Banyan, given our history with kiosk and vending.

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6 Use Cases of Unattended Payment Solutions That Can Help You Grow Your Business

In today’s purchasing environment, business strategies need to be more customer-centric to successfully capture consumer demand and capitalize on spending habits.

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Ready, Set, Go! Keeping Programming Skills Sharp By Entering Contests

Some people like to spend their weekend mowing the lawn. Others plan activities like going for a hike. Still others like to take their dogs to a park or relax with a good book. Then there’s Mark Wutka.

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IIoT Enables Smart Factories, Improves Uptime & More

There’s never been a more opportune time to leverage technology to improve operations on the manufacturing floor and in factories. Industry 4.0 has arrived, and it’s the next big technology trend involving manufacturing, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Next Stop, the Intersection of Payments and IoT

When it comes to payments, consumers want convenience. Purses are getting smaller, wallets are getting thinner and the familiar slogan ‘Don’t leave home without it’ is as much about the card as it is about how we pay.

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How a Kiosk-centric Approach Is Modernizing Restaurants

Ordering a burger from a human cashier may become a thing of the past at most McDonald’s restaurants.

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IoT Gives Owners & Operators in Self-Storage More Control

Owners and operators of self-storage facilities are always looking for ways to better understand customer needs and drivers, while trying to improve operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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