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How IoT Can Help Us Better Prepare For Hurricanes

- The amount of help and support that cities receive in wake of a hurricane is astounding. But, I’d like to see if we can do more to prepare before the worst happens.

There are numerous ways IoT can help in this effort. The technology has come far in recent years and it can provide insights that can help people and cities prepare better before a hurricane strikes.

Case in point: Think of the benefits of knowing how much lumber was purchased in cities under a hurricane watch.

When retailers have IoT-enabled point-of-sale systems, they can track every scan of every item and send all that data to the enterprise. At a glance, the managers can view just how much inventory was sold and how much foot traffic went through their stores. In turn, these insights should enable retailers to be well-stocked and staffed in the event their area is under a hurricane watch and some important products – lumber, bottled water, spare batteries – begin to run low.

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