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Is Remote Device Monitoring and Management Changing Operational Capabilities for Good?

Remote monitoring management

The pandemic has greatly fueled the need for remote monitoring and management services.

April 4, 2022 - Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have turned in growing numbers to remote devices to scale business, add services, upgrade technology, and keep a vast range of offsite devices operating smoothly.

Offering touch-free, automated capability, remote devices are increasingly leveling up operational capabilities across multiple industry sectors as the sophistication of remote device management allows companies to confidently add new technology and automate processes.

Medical businesses, from vet clinics to dental offices, can offer the latest technology for patients without the worry of rolling a truck each time a machine goes down. Owners and operators of kiosks, unattended retail and vending machines can manage large networks of connected devices and count on reliable, real-time data capture and trouble shooting. Facilities management is simplified through a back office for IOT (Internet of Things) connectivity that automates alerts and performs remote actions across a network of security devices like keypads, doors, alarms, cameras and access control panels.

From retail, to connected kitchens, EV charging stations, manufacturing, smart buildings and critical surveillance and security, remote device management has become an integral and vital component of leading-edge business.

Next Level Market Growth

Key catalysts for today’s hottest innovation, IOT and connectivity are spurring a revolution in the form of digital transformation across every aspect of manufacturing, operations, supply chain and device creation and use.

And as owners and investors see the endless possibilities, the global mobile device management market is exploding. The market is expected to grow from US $3.88 billion in 2021 to US $17.64 billion in 2028 with extensive adoption of mobile-related software and bring your own device (BYOD) leading that growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated what was already a rising global market star. Suddenly companies with remote device use and management embedded in their business strategies found themselves more rapidly adopting devices.

And traditional businesses who had never before considered remote devices or remote network connectivity as mission critical, found themselves needing a multitude of touch-free and remote work solutions.

The transition from traditional work to work-from-home made it difficult for companies to provide a secure network, for example. As a result, companies turned to bring-your-own-device solutions. They quickly found a way to not only secure productivity, but a way to cut the cost of hardware maintenance and equipment purchase.

Now, more and more companies are recognizing the benefits and possibilities for remote devices and systems, leaving many looking for more options.

Clear Path for Solutions

Banyan Hills Technologies developed its Canopy platform to help companies expand their mobile device capabilities and efficiently monitor, upgrade, and manage those devices remotely.

The software platform offers remote management and monitoring for devices, infrastructure, machines and more. Flexible, customizable, and easy to use, Canopy delivers a host of options, from pushing upgrades to a network of kiosks, to feeding real-time data to a dashboard that will provide automation, data analysis and cost reduction capabilities.

If you are looking to improve expenses by reducing truck rolls and technician visit, connectivity and Internet of Things (IOT) technology can be used to facilitate remote monitoring of equipment, business assets and even software. Plus, the same software can be used to facilitate remote resolution of common problems.

Connectivity and IoT technology is literally changing the way mobile device management works. Businesses can conduct software updates at scale on remote devices, lockdown and secure iOS devices to prevent unauthorized usage and even set up rules for app installs.

Check out how Canopy helped Revel Systems, a global point-of-sale company with more than 20,000 customers, implement a scalable solution for their support needs.

Ready to see how Canopy can help you with your remote device management and monitoring needs? Schedule a free demo and let us show you.


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