|How We Can Help

Great design and creativity can drive growth. Whether you’re starting from scratch or halfway through, we can assess your marketing and design needs, and create a plan to support you at any stage. It’s never too late for a refresh or makeover. Our services will transform a blank canvas into compelling designs that will elevate your brand.

|Logo & Icon Design

We can help design a new logo or refine an existing one. Having a vector-based logo is essential for creating all the brand assets you’ll need from business cards to promotional items. Using a phased approach, you’ll receive sketches, design mockups and final vector art for your logo.


Establishing your company’s brand book helps inform your employees, partners and customers about the very essence of your brand. Brand equity starts with a well establish brand book, and over time grows into a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. Your brand becomes stronger through a set of clear guidelines and helps you and your marketing partners ensure your brand remains consistent and recognizable to your customers.

|Website Design

We can build a compelling website to support your brand and showcase your products and services. The movie Avatar was groundbreaking, but that was back in 2009, so if that’s when your website was designed, it’s probably time for a refresh. We recommend using a content management tool like WordPress as the foundation for your site. It will be your fastest and easiest route to publishing a stunning, functional site that you can maintain with ease.

|Presentation Design

Give your presentations that professional, designer’s touch with help from our creative team. Whether it’s a product overview or your business strategy, communications design is essential to an excellent presentation. Communication design is visual storytelling, whereby graphics and messaging flow seamlessly throughout. Powerful presentations ensure your messages stick and move strategies forward.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures and it can be one of your most valuable marketing assets. If you’re working with Banyan’s Software Engineering team on a project, then chances are you may need a demo or training video to share with customers, partners, or your sales and management teams. Our multimedia and creative services team can reimagine the best way you showcase your product.

|UX/UI Design

A good user experience is essential to any software development project. We approach each UX/UI project with a three-phase design methodology: discover, design, deliver. We work closely with our development team and you throughout each phase to ensure a fluid implementation. A contemporary UI can not only improve the usability of an application or a website, it can strengthen a brand and build a loyal base of customers.