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An MDM Solution That Manages More Than Just Mobile Devices

Technology is changing the way mobile device management works. CanopyTM, an enterprise connectivity solution from Banyan Hills Technologies, offers remote management and monitoring of Android as well as Apple iOS phones, tablets, desktop computers and more.


Protect your business with mobile device management

For IT managers around the world, these can be stressful times. Mobile devices contain critical business data including email, access to secure servers, personal employee info and more. But, unlike a desktop PC, they lack the physical security of being maintained on campus. A lost or stolen phone, tablet or laptop can be a serious security risk.

How do you tame this wild west of mobile devices?

Mobile device management, or MDM for short, gives IT managers a single, consolidated overview of their mobile device landscape.

Through a dashboard, it's possible to see the status of all devices operating within an organization. It helps managers ensure all devices have the latest operating system and other software installed, and it can lock down devices to prevent users from installing any unwanted, untested or unvetted 3rd-party apps or software.

The Mobile Device Management module available through Canopy provides IT administrators with the ability to set and enforce policies governing the use of both iOS and Android smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and other devices.

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Key Benefits

Mobile Device Management for the enterprise

Canopy empowers IT managers to protect company assets through an MDM solution that's flexible and easy-to-use.

Prevent Unapproved Usage

Canopy software can prevent unapproved third-party apps from being installed on iOS and Android devices. In addition, it can remove apps and even lock down an iOS or Android device that’s been reported stolen or lost.

Remote Installs and Updates

Install apps on a remote device that’s out in the field. Also, push out software updates when needed. Have a fleet of tablets that need updating? Canopy can schedule it for you.

MDM with Internet of Things Advantages

Have other devices or systems that need monitoring? Canopy can feed real-time data to a dashboard that will provide automation, data analysis and cost reduction capabilities.

App and OS Updates

Canopy supports the installation, modification, and removal of apps of both public and enterprise stores. In addition, it provides IT admins with the ability to keep operating systems up to date.

Easy Onboarding and Device Enrollment

In many cases, devices can be enrolled with a 'zero touch' process, meaning the device enters the MDM program as soon as it's turned on.

Apple and Android

Canopy supports mobile device management for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Executive holding a tablet computer

MDM Software for Business Users

Conduct software updates at scale on remote devices. Lockdown and secure iOS or Android devices to prevent unauthorized usage. Worried about third-party apps being installed on company equipment? Use our MDM software to set up rules for app installs.

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"Canopy helps us keep track of all our different deployments and enables us to easily manage these devices on behalf of our customers."

Chris Lybeer

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Revel Systems

Read the Revel Systems Case Study

Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Revel Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To use the Android MDM solution in Canopy, the Android devices must be running Android version 8 or above and the devices must support the Google Enterprise APIs. If you're not sure whether your Android devices support the Google Enterprise APIs, contact us and we can help you figure it out.

Yes! Purchased devices can be set to automatically enroll into Canopy’s MDM the moment the device turns on (even after device wipes).

Yes! Canopy’s MDM security management can control the domains, email accounts, LDAP, whitelisted apps and apps users can access. You can also control what the end user is able to modify personally on the device as long as the device is in Supervised mode.

Yes, Canopy’s MDM can block installation of apps. The ability to block apps is set by policy. The are limitations on unsupervised devices if the profile was to be removed. You can install the profile on unsupervised as well but there is nothing to stop the user from simply removing the profile and installing it anyway as the user is the owner in this case.

Yes, Canopy does support remote updates for both apps and operating systems.

Yes, Canopy’s MDM can manage mail clients, shut down and force the use of a particular email app along with whitelisted domains. On an unsupervised device, you can push the app down on the device but limitations exist if the profile was to be removed.

Yes, Canopy’s MDM controls these items through domain restrictions, set up as a payload in the device profile.

Yes, Canopy’s MDM supports installation, modification and removal of apps of both public and enterprise stores.

Yes, our software has API capabilities at both the Leaf Agent and Enterprise Service tiers. If you would like to see our API documentation, please contact us and we'll be happy to share.

Yes, Canopy’s MDM manages Wifi from the profile. The plist can be set SSIDs, if it is hidden, force auto-join, shut off roaming privileges, allow access only within certain MCC/MNCs (Country and Network codes) and even enforce a level of QoS.


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