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Banyan Hills Technologies and Soracom launch partnership to offer remote monitoring and management solution

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New partnership will enable Soracom to provide customers with an integrated remote monitoring and management platform

ATLANTA/SEATTLE (February 20, 2023) — Banyan Hills Technologies, a leading remote monitoring and management software company, today announced a partnership with Soracom, Inc., a global provider of advanced Internet of Things connectivity, to offer customers remote management capabilities through Banyan’s Canopy platform.

The Canopy platform is a remote monitoring and management software tool that enables device connectivity, insights and actions across a wide network of equipment located at one or multiple locations. The Canopy platform helps businesses manage hundreds of thousands of devices deployed across an array of industries including financial, retail, commercial real estate, hospitality, entertainment and health care.

Canopy provides users with an overview of their unattended device network including key performance indicators (KPI’s) and alerts tailored specifically for each customer’s unique technology deployment.

Canopy also empowers users to leverage robust remote action capabilities and customizable automations, ensuring the optimal uptime and availability of their unattended devices.

In addition to best-in-class remote monitoring and management functionality, administrators can set up user roles and permissions or leverage a flexible hierarchy structure to control access to different parts of the Canopy platform.

Soracom’s cloud-native IoT connectivity platform offers global cellular coverage and supports over 5 million connections worldwide. Soracom gives users full control of their own IoT data networks, IoT SIMs and eSIMs, zero-touch provisioning services, secure networking capabilities, and advanced integrations with leading cloud providers.

“Remote monitoring and management represents a core use case for IoT,” said Kenta Yasukawa, co-founder and CTO at Soracom. “The potential value for customers is enormous, but there are real challenges with mixing OEMs and hardware types in the field. Banyan Hills’ ability to manage complex deployments and mixed device fleets fits perfectly with Soracom’s advanced connectivity and cloud services to give customers full control of complex deployments at scale.”

Over the last two years, Banyan Hills Technologies has more than doubled the number of devices it assists companies in managing. Banyan Hills has about 50 employees, most of whom are based in Atlanta.

“We are thrilled to partner with Soracom and view this strategic partnership as a key enabler for both Soracom and Banyan,” said Steve Latham, CEO and founder of Banyan Hills Technologies. “Soracom is focused on providing innovative solutions that maximize value for its customers and has a deep appreciation for the role that remote monitoring will play in supporting this strategic area of focus. We’re looking forward to a great partnership between our two companies.”

About Banyan Hills Technologies
Banyan Hills Technologies is an innovative software company founded in 2013. CanopyTM is Banyan’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform and the most advanced solution for monitoring and managing any network of connected endpoints like self-service kiosks, digital signs and on-premise control systems. For operators of large networks of unattended devices, Canopy helps enable automation, remote actions, enhanced security and improved data collection. Banyan’s highly skilled team also helps customers design, launch, scale and secure successful connectivity implementations. Banyan’s deep industry knowledge and strong capabilities in transaction management, communication protocols, payments and predictive analytics help companies realize the full potential of their technology strategies. For more information, please visit

About Soracom
Soracom is leading the democratization of IoT connectivity, offering robust solutions specifically designed to make it easy to build, operate, and scale IoT deployments. Founded in 2015, Soracom now serves more than 20,000 startups, SMBs and global enterprises across all industries, from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate, and healthcare. Customers trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market, makes it easy to connect to the cloud, and offers access to a worldwide partner ecosystem. More information is available at

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