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Banyan CEO Discusses Opportunities for AI at Georgia Technology Summit

ATLANTA (May 5, 2023) – Banyan Hills Technologies CEO and Founder Steve Latham joined an expert panel of technology leaders at this year’s Georgia Technology Summit to discuss how to prepare for and leverage advances in machine learning and AI to improve strategic business operations and create more value out of data science.

Panelists from multiple industry sectors shared insights on how global companies are facing the development of AI, along with the rapidly increasing availability of data and how to leverage data more strategically. Experts from AT&T, Equifax and IBM were included as part of the spotlight panel at the state’s largest technology forum, hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

“Data science is going to become challenged by AI over the next five years, and will become even more of a critical advantage for businesses. Innovations in IoT devices are creating more data than ever has existed, and the challenge of faster and deeper data collection off of these end-points will continue to be a key area of investment for operators.  AI can be leveraged as a way companies can produce results, but they will need to train new systems on this data to work to their advantage,” said Latham, who pioneered the company’s Canopy remote monitoring and management software platform, which offers customers unprecedented data visibility into device end-points.

Latham noted that AI models also will more frequently be used to distill complex datasets in ways that businesses can understand, going from database datasets to automated SQL queries, to output, for example, in a way companies can visualize.

Challenges also lie ahead. Data models are only as good as the information coming into them. A “garbage in, garbage out” factor requires companies to provide layers of fact checking when relying on AI generated data. There are concerns about the “black box” nature of AI, panelists said. Companies understand how to train AI, but not necessarily how to build AI models, and that can present vulnerabilities.

Companies will need to have data easily accessible through integrations and instrumentation of smart devices to leverage the benefits. Companies also should expect interaction with customers to change, including more of chat experiences.

Each year, the Georgia Technology Summit draws more than 1,200 technology leaders to hear leading experts remark on the most important tech trends and mingle with Georgia’s hottest tech companies. Banyan Hills Technologies joins the ranks of companies taking a lead on the most advanced technologies shaping the future of business.


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Banyan Hills Technologies is the creator of Canopy, a flexible remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that gives visibility to the health of deployed “smart” devices so support teams can identify outages remotely and reduce response time.

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Banyan CEO joined an expert panel at Georgia Technology Summit to discuss how to prepare for and leverage advances in ...

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