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Banyan Hills Technologies introduces new Page Builder feature for Canopy

New Page Builder feature will provide Canopy users with tools for customizing page layouts and data visualizations

ATLANTA – June 22, 2022 – Banyan Hills Technologies, a software company specializing in connectivity for large networks of remote devices, today announced the launch of Page Builder, a new set of tools included in the Canopy connectivity platform that will allow users to create their own pages, customize the layouts of those pages and define how key performance indicators, or KPIs, are displayed on the custom-built pages.

With Page Builder enabled, page layouts become a grid that’s managed through simple drag-and-drop functionality. Users can easily add widgets to the grid and then adjust the widget’s width and height. The types of widgets available include data tables, information lists, geographical maps, pie charts and written notes. Users can define what data should be displayed in a widget, how often the data should be refreshed and what icons should be used to represent the data (if icons should be used at all).

In addition to displaying data, Canopy users can use Page Builder to customize the functionality of a widget. For example, if a user wanted to build a data table and include in each row of the table a clickable icon that would initiate a reboot of a device, that functionality can be built into a Page Builder widget.

The benefits of Page Builder include faster set up times for Canopy users who have specific requirements for the layout of their data, more precise insights from their network of remote devices and flexibility that allows customers to alter how their data is displayed as their needs change in the future.

“Canopy is already one of the most flexible connectivity platforms in the market,” said Steve Latham, founder and CEO of Banyan Hills Technologies. “The new Page Builder feature enhances that flexibility by allowing customers to design the page in a way that makes sense for them. It also provides them with the ability to customize the visualization of their data so they get even more useful information out of the platform.”

Page Builder is available to all Canopy customers. To begin using Page Builder, please email

About Banyan Hills Technologies
Banyan Hills Technologies is an innovative software company founded in 2013. CanopyTM is Banyan’s connectivity platform and the most advanced solution for monitoring and managing any network of connected endpoints like self-service kiosks, digital signs and on-premise control systems. For operators of large networks of unattended devices, Canopy helps enable automation, Internet of Things use cases, enhanced security and improved data collection. Banyan’s highly skilled team also helps customers design, launch, scale and secure successful IoT implementations. Banyan’s deep industry knowledge and strong capabilities in machine learning, transaction management, communication protocols, payments, and predictive analytics help companies realize the full potential of their technology strategies. For more information, please visit

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