Remote Monitoring Through Software

Remote Monitoring and Management Made Easy

Our software platform, CanopyTM, offers remote management and monitoring for devices, infrastructure, machines and more.

RMM Software That's Flexible and Easy To Use

Remote Installs and Updates

Install or update software on remote devices. Need to push out an update to a network of kiosks? Canopy can schedule it for you.

Reduce Field Service Calls

Our Canopy software can help your organization reduce the total number of truck rolls in order to save on expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

Automation and Analytics

Have other devices or systems that need monitoring? Canopy can feed real-time data to a dashboard that will provide automation, data analysis and cost reduction capabilities.


Remote Monitoring and Management Software Built For Business

Looking to improve expenses by reducing truck rolls and technician visits? Our connectivity platform, Canopy, can be used to facilitate remote monitoring of equipment, business assets and even software. Plus, the same software can be used to facilitate remote resolution of common problems.

Learn How Canopy Works

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Customer Story

Improving Digital Signage In A Big Box Retail Electronics Store

This customer’s digital signage often looked warped before Canopy provided an automated solution that works remotely.

Prior to working with Banyan Hills Technologies, this large technology company would only learn about the problems when someone would call to let them know that the digital sign at a potentially faraway store was not displaying an advertisement correctly.

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What We Offer

When it comes to connectivity, Banyan makes it happen. We bridge the gap between business and technology by working as a trusted partner to companies operating large networks of unattended devices. We combine our deep consulting expertise with a proven software platform to deliver the promise of IoT along with measurable business value.

We utilize a four-step approach:

  • Initiate. We work with your team to establish goals, outline strategy, create milestones and delineate project scope.
  • Analyze & Design. We begin developing a prototype product by configuring device integrations, data flows, KPI attributes, remote actions and reporting.
  • Implementation. We work with your team and any other stakeholders to input configuration settings, validate data, confirm results and ensure that the product provides value to your business.
  • Launch. We work alongside your team to develop a plan for rolling out the product across your fleet.
  • Support. We'll continue to support you after launch by answering questions, updating the software and constantly pushing out improvements.

Learn more about our software platform and how it works.