Manage Your Retail Network With Canopy

Canopy, our remote monitoring and management (RMM) software tool, helps modern retailers manage large networks of connected devices.

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Keep sales ringing with RMM software that helps minimize downtime in retail settings

CanopyTM is a fully-configurable remote monitoring and management software platform built to manage complex deployments and mixed device fleets. For retailers, this means gaining real-time visibility into transactions and revenue as well as telemetry data at the device level. The software provides a single pane of glass for all business data and the ability to take corrective action if the telemetry data indicates a problem with hardware, software or network capabilities.

Canopy allows retailers to connect devices across multiple protocols and standards. The solution is configurable and also offers operators the capability to manage tickets through the entire incident management lifecycle.

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Common Pain Points

Retail is a unique and complex business, and out-of-the-box RMM tools aren’t enough

Inefficient Use of Labor

Without a centralized RMM control and automation platform, retailers are reliant on in-store employees to deal with downtime issues and doesn’t maximize the efficiency of their third-party service vendors.

Scaled Beyond Capacity

Expansion of smart, connected devices has scaled faster than the business has had time to lay down the support infrastructure required to drive heightened levels of service and deployment uptime across unattended device fleets.

Unnecessary Revenue Leakage

When customer-facing and payment devices are offline, retailers potentially miss a revenue opportunity as well as future repeat customer visits.

Complex Device Mixture

Highly diverse devices and configuration exists across the device deployment, which gets further complicated as next generation deployments get adopted or new stores are opened.

Negative Brand Equity

Frustrated consumers either turn to competitors for their consumer needs and/or publicly comment about negative experiences that can harm the retailer’s brand and market reputation.


Benefits of RMM in Retail

Explore the benefits of using RMM software to manage your retail environment

Remote Management

Our connectivity platform, Canopy, allows an operator to securely and safely execute defined commands on the device endpoints.

Real-time Notifications

Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts. The alerts can be used to notify operators about problems requiring field service support.

Automation Out Of The Box

Canopy allows you to design your own custom automated workflows to trouble shoot outages and remotely operate devices.

Gain Insights

Canopy can provide valuable insights into a store's IT systems. This helps IT professionals to identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions about how to manage the systems.

Proactive Monitoring

Canopy enables IT professionals to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, reducing downtime and minimizing disruption to retail operations.

Device Lifecycle Management

Automate and track the end-to-end details and associated life-cycle of devices and systems managed by Canopy.

Driving Real ROI

Canopy Brings Value To Our Retail Customers

An access control company for
global commercial property owners


Fewer Customer/User Issue Calls

A retailer with thousands of
smart retail displays


Decrease In Display Maintenance Costs

A POS hardware providers for
national restaurant chains


Decrease in Tech Support Calls from Stores

A company operating smart return
units inside national retail stores


of Remote Actions Have Been Automated

Case Study

Case Study: Improving Digital Signage In A Retail Setting

See how Canopy brought clarity to one retailer's digital signs.

In electronics stores around the world, one of the largest technology companies on the planet had a particularly pesky problem with its digital signs becoming distorted.

Read the Case Study

"Canopy helps us keep track of all our different deployments and enables us to easily manage these devices on behalf of our customers."

Chris Lybeer

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Revel Systems

Read the Revel Systems Case Study


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