Remote Monitoring and Management for the Security Industry

Our RMM solution, Canopy, helps keep your network of security and surveillance systems up-to-date and running smoothly

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Keep critical security functions running smoothly with Canopy

When security and surveillance systems aren't working, properties are vulnerable. That's why we built Canopy, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software solution enabling device visibility and remote operations.

We empower your team to troubleshoot an issue without making a site visit. If an issue requires a physical touch, Canopy can tell you exactly which aspect is broken so you can increase the odds of a first-time visit resolution.

In addition, Canopy is set up to be a multi-tenant environment, allowing users to manage different customers who have distinct hardware monitoring needs. Not only that but the multi-tenant environment also prevents your customers from seeing anything but their own systems.

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Common Pain Points

Physical security is a unique and complex business, and out-of-the-box RMM tools aren’t enough

Lack of Visibility and Capability to Support

Limited visibility to the production fleet, resulting in an inability to adequately support the deployment. A current mix of tools are utilized but do not provide what’s required to be successful long-term.

Scaled Beyond Current Infrastructure's Capacity

Your market penetration has scaled faster than the business has had time to lay down the support infrastructure required to drive heightened levels of service and deployment uptime across unattended device fleets.

Lack of Automation Capabilities

Without a robust automation engine, businesses struggle to stay up-to-date on device health and are left resolving downtime in a manual way vs. efficiently self-healing issues through automation.

Diverse Device Mix and Configuration

Highly diverse devices and configuration exists across the device deployment, which gets further complicated as next generation deployments get adopted or as new businesses are acquired.

Rise of Competitive Threats

Competitors have entered the market or enhanced their capabilities, forcing the need for higher levels of differentiation and service offerings.


Benefits of RMM in Security

Canopy helps you connect to and monitor any security hardware or system

Real-Time Monitoring

Canopy can enable real-time monitoring of security and surveillance systems, such as cameras, motion sensors and access control systems.

Cost Savings

By automating maintenance tasks and reducing the need for onsite visits, Canopy can help lower operating costs for security and surveillance systems.

Agnostic at the Endpoint

Security and surveillance operators often have different hardware and technology across properties. Luckily, our software is device agnostic so we can connect to any existing network of devices you need to manage.

Automate Tasks

Our RMM software, Canopy, can monitor your system and then perform actions programmatically when necessary. Automate the restarting of devices or updating software quickly and securely.

Alerts and Notifications

Detect video performance issues before your end-customer notices. Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts when an issue arises.

Personalized Dashboards

Enhanced cloud-based reporting and analytics, provide real-time and on-demand data. Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your network.

Driving Real ROI

Canopy Brings Value To Our Customers

An access control company for
global commercial property owners


Fewer Customer/User Issue Calls

A physical security company
operating building intercoms


Decrease In Intercom Support Calls

A security hardware provider for
multi-home properties

~6 Hrs

In Support Team Time Saved

A retailer with thousands of
smart displays


Decrease In Display Maintenance Costs

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