Case Study: Canopy Simplifies Operations For Self-Storage Operators

Our client installed Canopy into more than 1,000 facilities, enabling remote operations of 500,000 hardware components



Our client is a leading provider of security access control hardware and software solutions for the self-storage industry with deployments in over 40,000 facilities across more than 40 countries.

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Before Canopy, our client faced two significant challenges:

  • First, the client did not have remote access to their devices, making equipment inventory management a manual and inaccurate process. The client eventually got to the point where they did not know what hardware was deployed at a given site.
  • Second, our client’s software was housed in on-premise servers, requiring facility operators to be physically on-site to make changes to the system or to monitor alerts. When gates or keypads stopped working, tenants would call to complain. This led to frequent "fire drills" where operators had to get onsite quickly in order to resolve customer access problems.
"If an alarm went off and the facility operator was not on property, he or she would not know there was an issue. And once they discovered the issue, they would have to drive to the site to take action."
— VP of Sales


Our client partnered with Banyan to gain asset management, remote monitoring and remote action capabilities across their self-storage facilities.

Canopy screenshot

Our client installed Canopy’s SaaS into more than 1,000 facilities, enabling remote operations of at least 500,000 hardware components while passing all inventory and alert data through Canopy’s centralized platform.


Canopy simplified asset management for our client by providing a single view of all deployed self-storage equipment.

Thanks to Canopy, our client now knows what devices are no longer operating and where to upgrade equipment based on age and historical performance.

Canopy enabled our client to see alerts from anywhere and it equipped them with remote action capabilities so they could resolve issues without having to physically visit a site. Since installation, Canopy has run more than 5,000 remote actions for our client, saving thousands of work hours by preventing the need for onsite visits or physical equipment touches.

Before partnering with Canopy, our client was not capturing or utilizing the daily usage data collected by their endpoints. But, thanks to Canopy’s robust data processing, our client gained robust visibility into user data and has since built more than 30 on-demand operating reports powered by Canopy.

“Operators using Canopy are not as labor intensive as they used to be,” said the VP of sales for our client. "Remote operations allows you to manage a portfolio from a central location rather than having regional managers all over the country that have to physically work each of those properties."