|Real-Time Monitoring, Alerting and Notification Capabilities for All On-Property Device Management Systems

Canopy, an enterprise Internet of Things solution from Banyan Hills, offers self-storage operators real-time insights and remote access to manage and secure a comprehensive self-storage solution. Points of entry are points of vulnerability when they are not continuously monitored and proactively managed. Ensure software is up-to-date and reduce security vulnerabilities with Canopy. Enhanced cloud-based reporting and analytics, provide real-time and on-demand data. Receive alerts and perform remote actions like control overlocks, restart systems and update firmware quickly and securely.

|Manage Activity Center

Canopy’s Manage Activity Center (MAC) is the central hub for operating large networks of devices. Monitor status, view metrics and track performance of your devices all in one comprehensive view. Monitor doors, keypads, alarms and vital components and set alerts to notify you when there is unusual activity. Set thresholds for memory and storage limits that will trigger notifications when devices are running low, or at capacity. View the overall health of your on-property software and hardware to quickly address maintenance with the MAC.

|Gear up for Cloud-Based Security Software

PTI Security Systems (PTI) and Banyan Hills Technologies (Banyan) have teamed up to bring an end-to-end IoT platform to the self-storage industry. PTI’s incredible reach expands Canopy installation base to over 35,000 locations. PTI CORE™ powered by Canopy enables the centralization of all property access control and security system data through a single cloud management solutions. Advanced cloud-based integration capabilities, allows data to be easily shared across other systems within an operator’s environment.

|Tame the Complexity of Managing Self-Storage Technology

Canopy enables a seamless experience for managing self-storage systems. Canopy takes an agnostic approach giving owners and operators a back office for IoT that is highly configurable and easy to implement. With Canopy, it is easy to automate alerts and perform remote actions across a network of security devices like keypads, doors, alarms, cameras and access control panels. Enhance operations and improve security with always-on, always available device management. It’s real-time, one-time device management. How easy is that?

Configure dashboards to view the overall health of your business and the health of individual units within the network. This allows the operator to quickly understand their self-storage units’ general health and to isolate problems. Configurable triggers can alert operators about common failures so that technicians can be dispatched.

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Canopy provides the operator and its customers with canned and analytic reporting capabilities. This provides the ability to bring all of the cross functional data together into a single user interface, that a user of the solution can then leverage for ongoing management of reporting capabilities.

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Canopy software allows an operator to securely and safely execute defined commands on the device endpoints. This allows the operator to recover devices in error states or otherwise quickly trigger behaviors across their fleet.

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|Other Industries We Serve

Canopy helps businesses like yours do more with self-service technologies. Customized solutions will enable you to cut operating costs while enhancing your customer’s experience.

Kiosk Management

With Canopy from Banyan Hills, kiosk owners and operators get an IoT solution built to connect devices across multiple protocols and standards.

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Digital Signage Management

Gain the control and insights needed to manage your entire digital signage implementation by leveraging Canopy’s enterprise IoT capabilities.

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