Founder & CEO

Technology and entrepreneurship are my passion, second only to my family and friends. I’m proud to have been a part of building successful hardware and software solutions for Fortune 500 companies and small private firms. I’ve been in the technology field for over 20 years and have extensive experience in cloud-based software and the Internet of Things.

I founded Banyan Hills Technologies, an Internet of Things company in 2013 to provide businesses with end-to-end IoT services and bring to market a cloud-based IoT platform we call CanopyTM. It’s a comprehensive software solution for operators of self-service devices and on-premise control systems. I’m proud of the company’s many accomplishments including being named to Connected World IoT Innovations and, in 2018, and ranked number 1,203 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States. We’ve recently doubled the size of our Atlanta-area headquarters and experienced 95 percent year-over-year growth in 2017.

Prior to Banyan, I served as CTO for the Entertainment division of NCR, and led the planning, architecture, implementation and delivery of NCR’s Blockbuster Express kiosk business. I’m committed to helping accelerate innovations in the Greater Atlanta tech arena and support the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce and Georgia State University. I serve on the board of trustees for Beacon College, a private college in Lakeland, Florida that is one of the first to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students with dyslexia, ADHD and other specific learning disabilities. I’m most proud of the annual donations Banyan makes to a variety of charities for our employees’ anniversary milestones.


Co-Founder & CTO

Continuous learning inspires me to work smarter, not harder, and keeps my skills sharp. No challenge is too difficult to overcome with the proper application of creativity, determination, and grit. As technology rapidly changes, I eagerly and fearlessly keep pace to better serve our customers and lead the next generation of talented engineers. I’m passionate about building great teams and empowering them to work together, because the accomplishments of the whole of us will always outweigh that of each of us. Throughout my 16 years as a technologist, and having held various leadership positions, I have modernized ecommerce and manufacturing solutions and built a network of over 10,000 unattended retail kiosks. Additionally, I’ve built and rebuilt teams and technologies and have been recognized as an agent of positive change. Building Banyan Hills Technologies has allowed me to channel my passions for building innovative technology solutions and high functioning teams. In my role, I support strategic objectives for our customers and oversee architecture and development for Canopy—the IoT Platform for monitoring, managing and monetizing self-service devices.



With more than 30 years of global experience I’ve worked in technical, operational and business transformation leadership roles. In many of my roles, I consistently delivered multi-million dollar cost savings and continued organizational growth for companies such as AT&T. I served in the Vietnam War, and believe in the importance of a solid foundation in education. After finishing my programs, I completed a two-year internship at MIT while beginning my time with AT&T. My time at MIT was a prelude to completing a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from the University of California in computer science/information management.
At Banyan Hills Technologies, I help shape the company’s strategy, and oversee our operations, support services and human resources teams. I’m member of the PCI Council Small Business Task Force and serve on technical advisory boards for multiple technology firms.



Over the course of my career, I have worked for both middle-market companies and large, publicly- traded corporations. I am a results-driven finance professional with 25+ years of experience in driving profitability and process improvement and with an equal passion for technology and finance. Prior to working with Banyan Hills Technologies, I served as CFO of Inland Pipe Rehabilitation, SVP and Corporate Function CFO at SunTrust Banks Inc, and VP/Controller of Technology and Operations at FleetBoston Financial Corporation. In my role at Banyan Hills Technologies, I am working to structure financial strategy, improve operations and realize our growth potential.