Founder & CEO

Our daily lives have been made better because of software and the Internet and I’m getting out in front with technologies that will transform everything for the better. Having held various strategic technology leadership roles over the past 15 years, I’ve been recognized by leaders whom I admire greatly as an expert in leveraging cloud-based technologies to optimize and accelerate the needs of business. I serve on the board of directors for various companies across different industries providing technology leadership and guidance. I thrive on partnering with business leaders to build innovative solutions through the responsible implementation of cutting edge technology. Everything I’ve done in the past has led me to build a company focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the next great technology era of our time. IoT innovations are already coming to market and changing the world. Banyan Hills Technologies is impacting the world through our technology IQ and our commitment to social responsibility. We want to connect ‘everything,’ because we love to build software and make businesses and the world better through technology.


Co-Founder & CTO

Continuous learning inspires me to work smarter, not harder, and keeps my skills sharp. No challenge is too difficult to overcome with the proper application of creativity, determination, and grit. As technology rapidly changes, I eagerly and fearlessly keep pace to better serve our customers and lead the next generation of talented engineers. I’m passionate about building great teams and empowering them to work together, because the accomplishments of the whole of us will always outweigh that of each of us. Throughout my 16 years as a technologist, and having held various leadership positions, I have modernized ecommerce and manufacturing solutions and built a network of over 10,000 unattended retail kiosks. Additionally, I’ve built and rebuilt teams and technologies and have been recognized as an agent of positive change. Building Banyan Hills Technologies has allowed me to channel my passions for building innovative technology solutions and high functioning teams. In my role, I support strategic objectives for our customers and oversee architecture and development for Canopy—the IoT Platform for monitoring, managing and monetizing self-service devices.



With more than 30 years of global experience I’ve worked in technical, operational and business transformation leadership roles. In many of my roles, I consistently delivered multi-million dollar cost savings and continued organizational growth for companies such as AT&T. I served in the Vietnam War, and believe in the importance of a solid foundation in education. After finishing my programs, I completed a two-year internship at MIT while beginning my time with AT&T. My time at MIT was a prelude to completing a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from the University of California in computer science/information management.
At Banyan Hills Technologies, I help shape the company’s strategy, and oversee our operations, support services and human resources teams. I’m member of the PCI Council Small Business Task Force and serve on technical advisory boards for multiple technology firms.



Creativity is essential for growth and I use it to spark new ideas and innovative approaches to marketing and design. I’m a member of the Forbes Communications Council and have nearly 20-years of experience in communications design and a broad portfolio of work including marketing and design projects for various C-level executives and Fortune 500 companies. I’ve led teams of designers and non-designers and helped them gain a better understanding of how to implement amazing designs through visual storytelling. I believe technology marketing is all about using technology to market technology and that’s the very best way to reach customers and build loyalty. At Banyan, I’m passionate about our people and products and helping our customers realize their most important strategic goals. I’ve helped design and create the Banyan brand. In my role, I oversee marketing strategy and the Creative Services and UX/UI team.