Resolve Tech Issues Faster At Vet Clinics

Keep your clinic's critical operations such as payments, pet care records management and back-office functions up and running smoothly.

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Software that's flexible and agnostic to the endpoint

Vet clinics can carry several different types of hardware and technology inside their walls. Our software is device agnostic and can connect to any existing network of devices you need to manage.

Also, we know most vet clinics don't have in-house technical staff, so we give you enhanced visibility to detect issues before your end-customer notices and empower you to troubleshoot through remote tools.

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Troubleshoot without making a site visit

Personalized Dashboards

Enhanced cloud-based reporting and analytics, provide real-time and on-demand data. Monitor statuses, view metrics and track the performance of any connected devices in your network.

Automate Tasks

Our software solution, Canopy, can monitor your system and then perform actions programmatically when necessary. Automate the restarting of devices or updating software quickly and securely.

Real-time Notifications

Detect video performance issues before your customer notices. Canopy can be configured to send email and text notification alerts when an issue arises.

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A Central Hub for Your Veterinary Operations

Canopy's powerful automations eliminate repetitive tasks and can be designed to automate the majority of your current L1 trouble shooting tasks.

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Stay up-to-date on software connectivity

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Our Software Agent, Leaf, Grows the Capability for All Devices to Connect

Learn more about Leaf, an easily extensible software agent that runs on any base operating system/device hardware platform.

Customization and Automation of Remote Device Management
Customization and Automation of Remote Device Management Stirs New Trends, Benefits

The next wave of innovation stemming from remote device management will be leveraging AI and ML to further the benefits.

Is Remote Device Monitoring and Management Changing Operational Capabilities for Good?
Is Remote Device Monitoring and Management Changing Operational Capabilities for Good?

From retail, to connected kitchens, EV charging stations, manufacturing, smart buildings and critical surveillance and security, remote device management has become an integral and vital component of leading-edge business.

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