Go beyond basic device management

Canopy is the most advanced IoT Platform and cloud solution for managing large networks of self-service devices, kiosks, vending machines and more. It’s time to go beyond basic device management and talk to your machines. Commonalities like hardware, software and network availability, transaction monitoring, customer and location management are all essential to operating large networks of devices. That's why we've taken an agnostic approach giving operators a back office for IoT that is highly configurable for any business. Enable automation, enhance operations and the customer experience securely and centrally with Canopy, it's real-time, one-time device management.

Decrease Costs

Decrease Costs

Reduce operating cost through improved operational efficiencies, and increased visibility into day-to-day operations.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Enhance existing and create entirely new revenue generating opportunities while improving the customer experience.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

Canopy is an essential piece of infrastructure required to ensure overarching security requirements and standards are met.

Leverage Data

Leverage Data

Capture and maximize the utility of all available data, to decrease costs, increase revenue, and secure the deployment.

How Can We Help You?

Canopy helps businesses like yours do more with self-service technologies. Customized solutions will enable you to cut operating costs while enhancing your customer’s experience. Here are just a few of the industries Canopy is perfect for:

Kiosk Industry IoT software


Digital signage IoT software


Self-storage industry IoT software


Benefits of Canopy

Real-time, one time, centralized device management

A healthy device means happy customers. Multiply that times hundreds and thousands of devices and you need a powerful IoT platform to keep all those machines performing at their best. Advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made self-service devices, kiosks and vending machines very human-like. Canopy lets you talk to them the same way you would your service tech. Send and receive text messages or emails to find out how they are doing, then use the portal to perform remote commands or schedule a service call. There's a better way to get information about your machines, and IoT makes it possible. Get Canopy and start listening to your devices and managing your operations in one place, online and in real-time.

Easy and Intuitive

Gain valuable insights on all your devices with our easy-to-use management console. Conveniently schedule updates, create tickets, issue remote commands and more with Canopy you're covered.

Configurable Dashboards

Personalized dashboards provide a view of your entire fleet and operations. Add, remove, configure and arrange KPIs to fit your business.

Customized Branding

Tailor the online portal to create a unique brand experience and support various tenants within your organization.

What is IoT?

IoT plays a meaningful role in every business. See the Internet of Things explained in this video.


Proud General Member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

In this evolving market, there is a lot to consider. Don’t do it alone, let us help you architect and implement an IoT technology strategy to fit your business needs.

IoT Strategy & Implementation

It takes the right partner to help design an appropriate roadmap with the right IoT technology to architect an Internet of Things strategy. We take the time to get to know your business as well as, if not better than your team. Selecting the right vendors, partners, and technology is a game changer for businesses entering this exciting market. Getting it right is key to a competitive edge and tapping into new revenue streams and driving operational efficiency.

We have expertise in design, development, installation, and maintenance of both 32 and 64-bit architectures, including Intel® x86, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS chipsets. We can help tailor a Canopy IoT implementation to fit your business needs with custom software and integration with existing business applications.


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Current Client Case Studies

Customers across many industries like unattended retail, healthcare, as well as sports and entertainment are using Canopy to go beyond basic device management.

Franchise Entertainment Group (FEG)

FEG has been a customer of ours since the very beginning, and we are proud to be an ongoing part of their business model innovation. Transforming their brick and mortar business to a kiosk-based DVD rental solution has been a rewarding journey that's led to a strategic relationship. We set up a DVD rental kiosk solution for deployment within Australia and customized the solution for their market, integrated new EMV-compliant hardware and gateway for payments, set up the supporting infrastructure, and trained the FEG team on how to run a kiosk-based solution. Today our IoT platform Canopy™, is the backbone of their business enabling FEG to monitor, manage and operate their entire network of rental kiosks.

Digital Golf Technologies

We are empowering Digital Golf Technologies (DGT) with an Internet of Things platform to manage, monitor and monetize a network of digital hole-in-one kiosks. DGT is the first fully automated hole in one contest for everyday play. With Canopy IoT Platform, DGT is able to see improved operations and offer golf courses a scalable solution for retaining memberships while making golf more exciting for golfers by offering prizes and memories for amazing golf shots.


GameChanger offers an exciting new alternative for gamers to sell and buy pre-owned video games. We provided a technology assessment to help improve, deploy and manage their self-service kiosks. Delivering an exceptional customer experience was a top priority, and having a mobile app that includes digital receipts, loyalty rewards, price comparisons and location services is the perfect solution. Our IoT consulting services are helping to ensure GameChanger takes a platform approach to gain real-time visibility into their entire fleet of self-service kiosks.

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