Maximize Your Uptime Potential with Full Visibility and Control.

CanopyTM gives real-time observability to the health status of your deployment and automates self-healing to reduce downtime.

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Match your unique remote monitoring needs with the right RMM solution

Your deployment is unique and complex. Choose an RMM that was designed to manage everything beyond just Windows PCs.

Canopy is our remote monitoring and management platform that gives remote service providers full visibility and control over the most complex hardware deployments.

Canopy’s hardware and OS agnostic compatibility allow you to manage all your devices in a single pane of glass. No more switching between RMM tools or writing custom scripts to work around basic RMM capabilities.

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Case Studies

Customers are putting Canopy to work in the real world – with incredible results

Managed Services case study for RMM software

Managed Services

Our client installed Canopy on more than 2,000 endpoints to support the management of a large-scale device deployment on behalf of their end-customer.

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Point of Sale case study for RMM software

Point of Sale Systems

Revel Systems chose Canopy to enable remote monitoring, management and automation.

As a result, Revel has increased their speed to software deployment and has already run more than 30,000 remote software patches on iPad and payment terminals through Canopy.

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Industrial refrigeration case study for RMM software

Industrial Refrigeration

Through our software, this client unlocked the ability to monitor equipment and run automations.

Canopy has run more than 3,000 automations and generated more than 10,000 alerts for this client and its end customers.

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Hospital equipment case study for RMM software

Hospital Equipment

Canopy has helped IPA reduce site visits by running more than 10,000 automations on more than 4,400 units at 700 healthcare facilities.

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"Canopy helps us keep track of all our different deployments and enables us to easily manage these devices on behalf of our customers."

Chris Lybeer

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Revel Systems

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Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Revel Systems

A Few Of Our Customers

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