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About Banyan Hills Technologies

Banyan Hills Technologies is an innovative software company founded in 2013. CanopyTM is Banyan’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform and the most advanced solution for monitoring and managing any network of connected endpoints like self-service kiosks, digital signs and on-premise control systems.


"We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Banyan team. They are true professionals with the technical and business acumen needed to deliver immediate value to Payouts Network in today’s fast-moving business environment."

Steve Bacastow

CTO and Chief Compliance Officer

Payouts Network, Inc.


Who We Are

With more than 100,000 active locations and more than one million connected devices, we focus on helping our clients achieve success in their software projects.

At heart, we’re a remote monitoring and management software company with full-stack capabilities. We offer a truly horizontal platform that serves customers across industry verticals and in the most complex operating environments. Using a phased approach that aligns with our customers' go-to-market business objectives, we gain a complete understanding of the market and can refine the long-term technology road map. In addition, our platform is already enmeshed in an ecosystem of technology capable of delivering apps, services and support that will make your project a success.

Steve Latham

Steve Latham, Banyan's founder and CEO

Turning Potential Into Reality

As connected devices became a more viable solution for transforming business operations, Steve Latham, Banyan's founder and CEO, recognized that businesses would need a company to help advise and build out a connected strategy to make the most out of their IT investments, especially when it came to managing large networks of unattended devices. Steve Latham has a deep technological and strategic understanding for the solutions that truly turn the potential for tech strategies into reality. During the last decade changing consumer behavior combined with advances in self-service technology led many traditional retailers to rethink their business models.

Our Mission

It's simple: we provide businesses with all of the tools necessary to run a network of devices at scale from a single centralized management platform.

In addition, customers rely on us to help with marketing and design, software engineering, project management and managed services.

Out goal is to be a trusted partner for connected technology consulting and innovative software solutions.

Webb Morris

Webb Morris, Banyan's CTO

Building A Platform

When the opportunity presented itself to enable a large network of self-service kiosks with real-time data and analytics, Banyan’s vision and mission began to take shape. Helping a company successfully transform from its traditional brick and mortar business to a modern self-service model became the first clear case of a connected technology solution. Webb Morris, our chief technology officer, joined Banyan to help architect the Canopy platform to manage a customer’s network of self-service kiosks. From the beginning, Webb has been an integral part of Banyan’s history and continues to be instrumental in the architecture and design of Banyan’s remote monitoring and management platform, Canopy™.

Looking Into The Future

We continue to help customers reinvent, modernize and drive incremental revenue from large networks of unattended devices. Our technical IQ is equally matched by our business acumen. While technology continues to grow in complexity, it also is becoming more affordable and more necessary for businesses of all types as they approach a digital transformation strategy. Banyan’s expertise and ability to architect and build software solutions helps companies get the most out of today’s technology to enable growth.


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