Canopy IoT Platform

CanopyTM IoT Platform is the most advanced cloud solution for managing large networks of self-service devices, kiosks, vending machines and more. Go beyond basic device management with Canopy. Commonalities like hardware, software and network availability, transaction monitoring, customer and location management are all essential to operating large networks of devices. That's why we've taken an agnostic approach giving operators a back office for IoT that is highly configurable for any business. Enable automation, enhance operations and the customer experience securely and centrally with Canopy, it's real-time, one-time device management.

Our expertise in design, development, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software in the field of unattended kiosks and machines, means you can do more and worry less. We make sure every aspect of your technology strategy moves your business forward.

Is Canopy the Right IoT Platform for Your Business?

Business across all industries like unattended retail, healthcare, as well as sports and entertainment are doing more with self-service technologies like kiosks and vending machines to introduce new customer experiences and cut operating costs. All of this needs to be managed through a central and real-time operations portal. Not only can Canopy manage inventory, but the health of the machine itself. With IoT software at the endpoint, a network of connected devices can self-diagnose and auto-recover, run reports, send alerts and more.

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Get the Most Advanced Platform for Managing Large Networks of Devices

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All essential business services run in the cloud with Canopy's edge agent, Leaf, handling device-level integration. Upon installation, Canopy's edge agent, Leaf, automatically begins sending common data attributes like memory, CPU temperature, available physical disc space and more to the Canopy Enterprise. Leaf can easily be extended to obtain additional attributes.

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Software at the Endpoint

Secure device instrumentation through an extensible software agent (Leaf) that runs on any base operating system or device hardware platform.

Analytics icon


Using machine learning, Canopy can detect failures, self-diagnose and do predictive maintenance.

Audio dispatch icon


Configurable triggers to alert operators about common failures for field service support.

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Access to email, SMS, and push notification alerts.

Real Time, One Time Centralized Device Management

Canopy simplifies operations with a centralized web portal for managing a network of unattended devices.


Configurable Dashboards

With Canopy, view the overall fleet performance and the health of individual units.

Customized Branding

Canopy allows the operator to customize the portal to their brand and for the various tenants within their organization.

Easy and Intuitive

Canopy is designed with the user in mind, providing a clean, modern, and intuitive user interface.

Canopy Functionality and Features

Canopy IoT Platform has rich functionality available through modules. These can be enabled and disabled as needed to fit a business. Out of the box, Canopy captures four core metrics: actual, target, status and trend. We call these—the core four. Canopy can be customized to report these for any key performance indicators set for a specific business or industry. The portal gives an operator a sound understanding of what’s occurring within their device network at any time.

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Executive dashboards, fleet management, software distribution and more.

IoT module Locations icon


Monitor and manage sites for an entire network of devices.

IoT module Devices icon


Monitor, manage and maintain individual devices and units, including issuing remote commands, and service tickets.

IoT module Incidents icon


Integrate with third-party incident management applications, or use Canopy’s incident management for field service operations.

IoT module Customers icon


Sales dashboards to manage customer details for a network of devices.

IoT module Transactions icon


Monitor and manage transaction level information across an entire fleet and down to the individual device.

IoT module Inventory icon


Comprehensive inventory management console for adding, removing and managing inventory on a device.

IoT module Marketing icon


Integrate with third-party marketing tools or use Canopy’s campaign management tool to enable new revenue streams with digital advertising and promotions.

IoT module Reporting icon


View and export canned reports, and set up subscriptions to get reports automatically.

Ready to Go Beyond Basic Device Management?

Banyan Hills Technologies provides technology services in combination with Canopy to support companies taking large networks of devices to market. Using a phased approach, aligned with go-to-market business objectives, we gain a complete understanding of the market and can refine the long-term technology roadmap to support a Canopy implementation, giving operators a back office for IoT.

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