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An Award-Winning Connectivity Platform

CanopyTM is an enterprise connectivity platform that lets you centrally monitor, manage and control connected devices at scale.

Manage the overall health of your devices, address service issues before problems arise and delight customers with entirely new experiences.


Software to make sure your digital landscape is always up and running

CanopyTM is a remote device operations software platform that helps system administrators simplify and automate the technology infrastructure that sits between their unattended device networks and their mission critical business applications.

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Key Features of Canopy

Canopy is a flexible and powerful tool with robust features

With our edge agent, Leaf, installed and transmitting data, Canopy empowers users to deliver a superior experience to their customers.

Enhanced Operations Dashboard

Improved dashboard capabilities, including support for multiple dashboards, advanced filtering, and remote desktop integration.

Remote Actions

Leverage the remote action architecture to support software distribution, reboots, screenshots and system queries.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up real-time notifications of issues within the platform. Notifications can be sent via text or email.

Inventory Management

Parts and piece level inventory tracking, which can be associated with a location that has been setup in the platform.

Device Configuration Solutions

Out-of-the-box KPIs of key device performance data, allowing system administrators to manage device states remotely.


Take advantage of the Automations module to automate a variety of tasks including automatic resolution of common issues.

Reporting and Analytics

Canopy empowers users with robust reporting and analytics that maximize the utility of telemetry and business data captured from devices.


Thanks to the versatility of our software agent, Leaf, we can connect to devices via HTTP or lightweight MQTT.


Learn More About Leaf Here

What Canopy Offers

Canopy simplifies, automates and helps scale unattended device management


Device Connectivity

Canopy offers best-in-class connectivity software that can sync to any device and begin passing higher resolution event data back to your enterprise.

Data Processing

Canopy's event pipeline is designed to process, interpret, and augment your device data at scale, ultimately placing it in the Canopy data repositories.

Data Access Via APIs

API driven platform enables flexible integration into your system for easy access and interaction with event and attribution data.

Remote Device Operations

The Canopy management console allows users to manage and automate the entire Canopy platform and supports out-of-the-box integrations.

Want to see it in action?

Watch Canopy tutorials and 'how-to' videos on our YouTube channel.

Flexible User Management

Canopy user roles

Customize roles and privileges for different users

Set up and manage user credentials that can restrict access at any level within the organization.

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Easy Automation Setup

Canopy automation

Simple and easy-to-understand automation - no coding required

Canopy has a simple drag-and-drop interface for setting up automation routines to run on your devices. Use Canopy's automation engine to build dynamic automations incorporating any data, event or action exposed within Canopy.

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"Canopy helps us keep track of all our different deployments and enables us to easily manage these devices on behalf of our customers."

Chris Lybeer

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Revel Systems

Read the Revel Systems Case Study

Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Revel Systems
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Superior Support You Can Count On

Canopy comes with best-in-class technical support and a team with deep IoT expertise to give customers the very best experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Customers can choose to leverage the Canopy platform through the cloud (Amazon's AWS or Microsoft Azure) or through an on-premises server.

Yes! Canopy features a Users section where admin users can go in and set up new users within their organization. The initial Users page features a table with a list of users. You can click on any of the users’ rows to bring up more detailed information about the corresponding user on the Edit User page.

Yes! Canopy allows admin users to set up different roles for users within their organization. For instance, if you only want certain users to be able to view customer data, you can restrict access by creating a role that includes those restrictions and then assign the role to the users who should not see customer data.

Yes (to an extent). The Customize section is where admin users can go to set up brand colors and logos to be used within Canopy. You can also change the color of the header text to make sure it doesn’t clash with the brand color. You can also choose to Show Null Attributes or not (meaning CANOPY won’t show values for fields that don’t have a set value).

Yes, it can. Leaf, our software agent that speaks with Canopy, can communicate with devices via MQTT.

Yes, you can. Canopy users are able to start secure SSH sessions to a connected device.


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