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We are lovers of technology. We are passionate about building our business. We are creative problem solvers and collaborative team members. Are you one of us? See what opportunities we have available below.

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Whether you're a new grad, an industry veteran with a doctoral degree or somewhere in between, Banyan Hills Technologies offers fascinating and rewarding work for the next step in your career. Come join a team where your contributions will have an immediate impact and the opportunities are limitless.

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Emma Grace

"I joined Banyan because being part of a group that is building something new and great really excites me. Everyone’s belief in what we can accomplish together makes it easy to convey excitement to candidates."

Emma Grace, HR Business Partner

Prior to joining Banyan, Emma Grace worked in the financial services industry where she honed her ability to network and develop relationships. She’s now an HR specialist at Banyan and she’s helping to build the team responsible for sales and engineering.


"I joined Banyan for the opportunity to create something cutting-edge. I knew going in that working on design for an Internet-of-Things product was going to push my skills and it has certainly done that. The great thing is that it's exciting and it's an opportunity for career-defining work."

Stu, Senior UX/UI Designer

Stu is a multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses user experience, design and technology. Over the course of his career, Stu has designed mobile apps, ecommerce websites, video games, film posters, videos, logos and print collateral. At Banyan, Stu is a senior UX/UI designer who works on web and mobile applications.

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