Run Your Entire Business with Canopy

Go beyond basic device management. With Canopy’s custom KPIs, you gain real-time visibility into the health of your devices and, with a custom dashboard, you can track performance and measure business impact. Manage all your devices, locations, customers, transactions, and other aspects that may be unique to your business.


Talk to Your Machines

Communicate securely and reliably at scale to every device in your fleet. Remotely install software/firmware updates, update inventory, change pricing, create a ticket and more from the Canopy portal.

Canopy Enterprise

Run it in your Private Cloud, and on many other cloud based providers, such as the Intel® based Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

Extensible and Pluggable Architecture

Leverage existing IT assets and investments while taking advantage of Canopy’s scalability and functionality. Run Canopy and start consuming data from your devices in real-time then integrate with existing assets like CRM, ERP, and other systems through Canopy’s adaptable API and Business Integration services.

Get a Back Office for IoT

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Device Instrumentation

Secure device instrumentation through an easily extensible software agent (Leaf), that runs on any base operating system/device hardware platform.

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Software Distribution
and Management

Canopy’s Software Distribution service is coupled with Leaf so that it can be leveraged to centrally manage the distribution of software updates out to the Leaf agents that reside on the network of device endpoints.

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Secure Remote
Command Execution

Leaf allows an operator to securely and safely execute remote commands on devices.

Predictive Maintenance


Complex event processing for predictive analytics on data flowing through the platform.

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Event Pipeline

The Event Pipeline receives information from Leaf on all endpoints across a network of devices. It interprets the data, evaluates the data for subsequent event/notification handling, transforms as applicable, and ultimately persisting into the Canopy enterprise data repositories. 

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Dynamic Scaling

The Event Pipeline can scale up or down as needed and on demand. It is designed to process data at scale through dynamic vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities, an essential requirement for large IoT device networks.

Resilient icon


The Event Pipeline responds to failure in event generators, event consumers, and the pipeline itself in a graceful and lossless fashion.

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Services plug into the Event Pipeline and begin consuming events. Services can be registered at run-time so that new functionality can be added on demand.

Flexible, Adaptable and Extensible Architecture

Leaf - Canopy Edge Agent

Leaf runs on current versions of Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. It supports both 32 and 64-bit architectures, including x86, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS chipsets.

Get Up and Running Fast

Leaf’s adaptable plugin based architecture let’s you choose from a library of components to fit your needs, or build your own and quickly and easily integrate them with Canopy.

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Ready to Go Beyond Basic Device Management?

Banyan Hills Technologies provides technology services in combination with Canopy to support companies taking large networks of devices to market. Using a phased approach, aligned with go-to-market business objectives, we gain a complete understanding of the market and can refine the long-term technology roadmap to support a Canopy implementation, giving operators a back office for IoT.

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