|Manage Your Kiosk Network with Canopy

Modern kiosk operations require an IoT platform capable of managing large networks of connected devices. With Canopy from Banyan Hills Technologies, kiosk owners and operators get an IoT solution with real-time data capture, automated dispatch and predictive analytics so there’s less downtime and more revenue.

|Putting IoT into Action

Canopy allows kiosk operators to connect devices across multiple protocols and standards. The solution is configurable and also offers operators the capability to manage tickets through the entire incident management lifecycle. Create tickets, attach photos and provide detailed information that can be tracked and managed through resolution. Connected devices like kiosks continuously send essential data like machine vitals. Canopy lets you configure alerts to automate tickets and enables predictive maintenance. Improve the overall health of your fleet with Canopy.

Software at the Endpoint

Secure device instrumentation through an extensible software agent (Leaf) that runs on any base operating system or device hardware platform.

Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning, Canopy can detect failures, self-diagnose and do predictive maintenance.

Automated Dispatch

Configurable triggers to alert operators about common failures for field service support.

Real-time Notification

Access to email, SMS, and push notification alerts.

|End-to-End Self-Service Kiosk

Banyan Hills Technologies works with customers to choose hardware, build software and use our IoT device management solution Canopy to manage and monitor networks of kiosks.  We know how to help businesses seize opportunities in the kiosk, self-service and unattended retail industries.

|Gather Real-Time Data and Take Action With Canopy’s Remote Management Tools

Businesses across all industries, including retail, entertainment and healthcare, are doing more with self-service kiosks to not only offer better service to customers but also cut operating costs. Large networks of these machines need to be managed through a central operation that provides real-time insights. Not only can Canopy provide insights, this IoT technology can help manage inventory and monitor the health of the kiosk itself.

Gain valuable insights on all your devices with our easy-to-use management console. Conveniently schedule updates, create tickets, issue remote commands and more.

The Location and Device Management modules manage the entire life cycle of a device, from initial procurement to provisioning and field deployment to device retirement.

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Personalized dashboards provide a view of your entire kiosk fleet and operations. Add, remove, configure and arrange KPIs to fit your business.

Canopy provides the ability to monitor every facet of the kiosk solution with centralized visibility and notification to the operator.

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Tailor the online portal to create a unique brand experience and support various tenants within your organization.

Canopy is multi-tenant and has a flexible hierarchy management security architecture. This allows for the operator to setup and manage security credentials that can restrict accessibility at any level within their organization.

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|Other Industries We Serve

Canopy helps businesses like yours do more with self-service technologies. Customized solutions will enable you to cut operating costs while enhancing your customer’s experience.

Digital Signage

Gain the control and insights needed to manage your entire digital signage implementation by leveraging Canopy’s enterprise IoT capabilities.

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Our IoT solutions can help self-storage operators gain real-time insights and remote access to all their onsite device management systems.

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