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Take Advantage of Banyan’s Internet of Things Solution for Managing Your Kiosk Network

Modern kiosk operations require an IoT platform capable of managing large networks of connected devices. With Canopy from Banyan Hills Technologies, kiosk owners and operators get an IoT solution with real-time data capture, automated dispatch and predictive analytics so there’s less downtime and more revenue.

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Software at the Endpoint

Failing parts likely show signs of failure before they break. Canopy’s versatile software agent, Leaf, will allow central monitoring of your entire network of kiosks.

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Predictive Analytics

A card reader, for example, has just over 1,000 ‘dips’ before breaking down. Tracking data can anticipate a breakdown before it occurs.

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Automated Dispatch

A hardware or software issue can trigger a technician automatically, preventing extended downtimes.

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Real-time Notification

Your entire system can slow down or stop completely if the volume of data exceeds the available bandwidth. Being aware of problems quickly can make all the difference.

Introducing Incident Management

Canopy provides an integrated incident management solution for all issues that might arise during operations. The solution is configurable and offers operators the capability to manage tickets through the entire incident management lifecycle. Create tickets, attach photos and provide detailed information that can be tracked and managed through resolution. IoT devices such as kiosks continuously send essential data like machine vitals. Set alerts that will automate system generated tickets to enable predictive maintenance and improve the overall health of your device network.

Gather real-time data and take action with Canopy’s Remote Management Tools

Businesses across all industries, including retail, entertainment and healthcare, are doing more with self-service kiosks to not only offer better service to customers but also cut operating costs. Large networks of these machines need to be managed through a central operation that provides real-time insights. Not only can Canopy provide insights, this IoT technology can help manage inventory and monitor the health of the kiosk itself.

Configurable Dashboards

With Canopy, view the overall fleet performance and the health of individual units.

Customized Branding

Canopy allows the operator to customize the portal to their brand and for the various tenants within their organization.

Easy and Intuitive IoT Technology

Canopy is designed with the userin mind, providing a clean, modern, and intuitive user interface.

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End-to-End Self-Serve Kiosk

Sani-star's vision is to provide parks and campgrounds an easy, secure and efficient way to accommodate walk-up reservations. An outdoor kiosk was the perfect solution and they chose Banyan to build the kiosk, design the software, and use our IoT device management solution Canopy to manage and monitor the kiosks and iPads.

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