Manage Your Kiosk Network With Canopy

Use real-time data capture, automation and analytics so there’s less downtime and more revenue.

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Choose a single source of truth to manage your network of kiosks

Modern kiosk operations require software capable of managing large networks of connected devices. Canopy is a modern connectivity solution with real-time data capture, automation and analytics so there’s less downtime and more revenue.

Canopy allows kiosk operators to connect devices across multiple protocols and standards. The solution is configurable and also offers operators the capability to manage tickets through the entire incident management lifecycle. Create tickets, attach photos and provide detailed information that can be tracked and managed through resolution.

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Explore the benefits of using software to manage your kiosk network

Alarms and Notifications

Canopy can send email and text notification alerts based upon any type of criteria set up by the user.

Software At The Endpoint

Secure device instrumentation through an extensible software agent (Leaf) that runs on any base operating system or device hardware platform.

Automated Remote Actions

Canopy allows you to design your own custom automated workflows to trouble shoot outages and remotely operate devices.

Case Study

Kiosk network management case study

A managed services company leverages Canopy.

Our client installed Canopy on more than 2,000 endpoints to support the management of a large-scale device deployment on behalf of their end-customer. Canopy simplified device management for our client by providing a view of all deployed devices.

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