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Now In Beta: A Fresh New Look For The Canopy IoT Platform

May 6, 2020 - Upgrades include an improved navigation structure, faster performance and enhanced visualizations that put even more power into the hands of Canopy’s users.

Screenshot of Canopy v3 Operations page

What is it?
The redesigned Canopy IoT platform is now in open beta and available to all customers. This beta version of Canopy includes a new Analytics module, which allows users to gain valuable business insights from complex data.

Why is it important?
The power of the Internet of Things has always been rooted in the ability to draw insights from data. The redesigned version of Canopy was built with that in mind by addressing the needs of users who need to access data quickly, with the fewest number of clicks. In addition, a redesigned navigation structure will make it easier to discover all of Canopy’s great features. Plus, the new design provides users with faster access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), be able to compare them more easily and then build IoT automations from the underlying data using a redesigned interface.

What’s new?
We kept all of the great functionality users are used to but improved its presentation. Canopy’s user interface has been completely revamped, redesigned and reimagined. We’ve built upon lessons we’ve learned over the years from customers and industry experts over the years.

Here are some specifics on the updates in the new beta version of Canopy:

  • Main Navigation and Summary KPIs Moved Left: Our new design reduces clutter by moving the main navigation and the Summary KPIs from the top of the page to the left side in collapsible panels that open and close. This new placement allows the user to choose what information is most important to them at any given time. Want to know the summary KPIs? They are there for you ready to be revealed with one click. Want to keep the tables of data as the focus of the page? No problem. You can keep the summary KPIs tucked away until you want to view them.

  • New Analytics Module: Our new Analytics Module includes everything you need to easily prepare, analyze and explore complex data coming in from multiple sources (or, devices). Customizable dashboards will display data at a glance in panels, most of which can be clicked on to drill down further into the underlying information. The Analytics reports can display data as bar graphs, charts or pie charts and they can be saved for future use.
  • Operations Table Redesign: The operations table still has all the KPIs and data our customers have come to expect. What’s different now is that the tables have been redesigned to make it easier to view alerts and spot potential problems at a glance. Rather than expose the data in a flyout on the right side after clicking on the table, Canopy now displays that same data in a modal that opens in the middle of the page.
  • Advanced Filtering: Are you a user who enjoys digging into the data and looking for insights? We’ve made it even easier to do just that by changing how filters are created in the new Canopy. It’s now possible to stack filters on top of one another through a series of dropdowns. In addition, users can save the custom filters they’ve built and then come back to use them again later.

  • Enhanced Customizations: We’ve gone back through Canopy to look for places where users can customize and enhance their personal experience using the application. To that end, we’ve made it easier to make changes in the settings for branding and we’ve added more ways to save what’s important to you (such as filters and dashboards). We’ve also streamlined the ability to define and manage user roles (more on that below). There will be more and more customization options added to Canopy in future releases because we feel it’s vitally important that users be able to control the overall experience as much as possible.
  • IoT Automations: In addition to insights from data, the Internet of Things has an amazing ability to automate tasks when certain conditions are met. To that end, Canopy lets you build automaton into your IoT workflow through drag and drop functionality in our IoT Automations module. The new version of Canopy includes a revamped IoT Automations module that makes it easier to connect different pieces of your automation and see where you are in the process thanks to a floating navigation panel.

  • Role Management Updated: Last but certainly not least, we’ve updated the way Roles are created and assigned in Canopy. Instead of having a unique page for role, we’ve put all of the roles on one page where they can be clicked through to display their different authorizations. The new layout makes it easier to quickly scan different roles and compare them to one another with fewer clicks and faster page load times.

Who gets it?
The new version of Canopy is now available for all customers with the exception of Banyan clients who are white-labeling Canopy for re-sale. The new version will be available to those customers later on. For now, users can switch back and forth between the ‘classic’ version of Canopy and the beta version until the beta becomes the standard version at some point within the next few months.

Ready to get started and try the new version? When you log in to Canopy, you will see an announcement with instructions on how to log in to the new Canopy 3.0 BETA version.

If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us through your normal support channel, or reach out to us at


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