Case Study: Canopy Simplifies Operations For Managed Services

Our client installed Canopy on more than 2,000 endpoints to support the management of a large-scale device deployment on behalf of their end-customer

Managed Services


  • Our client is a global provider of point of service hardware and touchscreen devices serving the retail, hospitality and healthcare markets. Our client’s services business unit supports the management of these large-scale device deployments on behalf of their end-customers
  • In this instance, our client was responsible for managing more than 2,000 digital media player devices installed inside the retail locations of a global provider of secure money transfer services
  • These 2,000-plus digital signs were used in retail locations to display current exchange rates for money transfer services as well as new marketing content and promotions
Managed Services


Before Canopy, our client faced three significant challenges:

  • Our customer wanted to update content displayed on these devices according to a customized schedule: update exchange rates every four hours and update promotional content every three months.
  • Their existing remote device operations software could not be custom configured to fit this schedule. Instead, it constantly called the server, triggering large data overage charges on their SIM card.
  • Furthermore, our client had no visibility into the endpoint device. They had no way of knowing if new exchange rates downloaded successfully and were displayed properly in stores
"The initial challenge we had was verifying that units were online. We couldn't see that before."
— Director of Customer Experience


Our client deployed Canopy to gain visibility into all devices' operating status and more.

Canopy screenshot

Our client installed Canopy’s remote device operations software on these 2,000-plus endpoints, giving the client visibility into all of the devices’ operating status (online vs. offline), their last content update time and their data usage.

Canopy then enabled our client to customize their content update schedule, send automatic alerts when a device went offline or displayed outdated rates, and execute remote actions to restore devices that malfunctioned.

"Canopy gave us central visibility for our units," said the director of customer experience. "It reports the intricacies of endpoints by listening to telemetry data and showing that everything (hardware, software, biz apps, etc.) are all operational. It's a single dashboard for remote device management."


Canopy simplified device management for our client by providing a view of all deployed devices.

Canopy enabled our client to perform “state management” so they could remotely see if devices were connected, operating properly, displaying the right content and not using too much data. Whenever a device leaves the defined state, Canopy sends an alert to the system admin.

Canopy has since run more than 50,000 remote actions and automations on behalf of our customer. These automatic actions (e.g., remote updates & remote recovery) have increased overall device uptime by achieving faster speed to technical resolution & preventing outages from occurring in the first place.

"No product on the market could tell me if my device was really doing what it needed to do," said the director of customer experience. "Canopy gives a holistic view of the entire environment. I don't care if the device is connected to power if it's not in a fully functional state. Canopy lets us set that view of ‘desired state’ and then helps alert us when a device is not available."