Case Study: Canopy Augments Support For 1000's of Restaurants

Revel Systems chose Canopy to enable remote monitoring, management and automation

Revel Systems


  • Revel deploys and manages more than 50,000 point of sale systems installed across 18,000 restaurant locations
  • Revel sells hardware and critical restaurant management software that enables businesses to accept payments
Chefs cooking in a restaurant


Revel wanted a more scalable way to manage the different hardware, software and firmware versions deployed across those 18,000 restaurant locations as well as a standard way to push software updates to the end-points.

"We have tens of thousands of devices deployed within different and very complex infrastructures," said Clay Hardin, director, software development at Revel Systems. "You have Apple and Android devices, payment terminals, printers, etc. We needed a single system to provide central visibility and management of all our on-premise devices and peripherals."

Small restaurant operators without IT support rarely downloaded recommended software upgrades. As a result, device software became outdated and caused POS crashes.

As restaurant equipment continues to become more complex, operators are also looking for a single system to manage the growing technical equipment inside food establishments.

"Hospitality operators typically have very lean corporate staff – they often don't have a dedicated IT person. So, managing a growing technology suite internally across multiple locations becomes challenging very quickly."
— Chris Lybeer, chief strategy and
marketing officer at Revel Systems


Our client deployed Canopy to gain the ability to remotely manage their entire fleet of assets.

Canopy screenshot

Revel installed Canopy’s remote device operations software to gain central visibility into the deployed asset base, track operational performance, push software upgrades down to endpoints and automate numerous remote trouble-shooting tasks.

Revel also partnered with Canopy to enable a broader connectivity solution, which allows operators to connect any non-Revel hardware into Revel's business apps if they desire.

"Canopy provided us the ability to see what's really happening at the store level,” said Chris Lybeer, chief strategy and marketing officer at Revel Systems. “It's the eyes to see and the hands to manage those devices remotely, and that’s only 10% of what Canopy is capable of doing."


Revel increased their speed to software deployment and has already run more than 30,000 remote software patches on iPad and payment terminals through Canopy.

Chris Lybeer
Chris Lybeer, chief strategy and marketing officer at Revel Systems

"Canopy helps us keep track of all our different deployments and enables us to easily manage these devices on behalf of our customers," Lybeer said. "They have streamlined and made the software update process much more automatic, which saves us time and keeps our customers' devices up and running longer."

Revel significantly increased the number of customer support calls they could resolve remotely through Canopy’s remote action capabilities.

"We've benefited from using Canopy's remote device operations tool to make our internal support organization much more efficient while improving the customer experience," Hardin said.

Together, Revel and Canopy have partnered to explore innovative areas where connectivity & data capture can be further leveraged by restaurant operators.